‘RHOC’ Tamra Judge Slams Former Bestie Vicki Gunvalson As A ‘Disgusting Bully’

Tamra Judge’s feud with Vicki Gunvalson reached new heights this week.

Following Judges’ criticism of Gunvalson’s new cancer charity, the Real Housewives of Orange County bashed her former friend for being a bully. How will Gunvalson react to the latest accusations?

Judge called out Gunvalson in her latest Bravo blog and accused her of using dirty tactics to get Shannon Beador on her side.

“Bottom line, Vicki is a bully. To say that she has a secret about Shannon that would hurt her family is just absolutely disgusting. Her family has gone through enough hurt. Leave them alone, Vicki.”

Judge continued, “Heather said it best: ‘When you have a secret, you don’t say anything about it. Vicki going around telling everyone is more of a threat than anything.’ I’ve seen her do this so many times.”

Judge was good friends with Gunvalson until last season when Brooks Ayers’ cancer scam drove them apart.

'RHOC' Star Vicki Gunvalson Back Together With Cancer Scammer Brooks Ayers? [Image via Bravo]
Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson [Image via Bravo]

This season, Gunvalson has worked hard to gain the trust of her co-stars.

Unfortunately, things backfired on Gunvalson after she announced her new charity to support cancer victims.

According to Enstarz, Judge thinks Gunvalson is back to her old ways and is using the charity for personal financial gain.

“Am I the only one that doesn’t know what to think about Vicki starting an insurance program for cancer patients? The way it was explained was more about making money and convincing people she had nothing to do with Brook’s cancer scam. Michael sure called her out on some of her lies. Yikes.”

As fans will recall, Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend claimed to have stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during Season 10.

Several RHOC cast members questioned Ayers’ cancer diagnosed and he was ultimately caught forging medical documents.

All the while, Gunvalson stuck by Ayers’ side and refused to admit that he was lying.

Gunvalson eventually broke up with Ayers, but not before many of her friendships on the show were damaged beyond repair.


To make matters worse, Gunvalson never admitted to her part in Ayers’ scam.

Considering their differences, Radar Online is reporting that Judge is not going to support Gunvalson’s new charity initiative.

Despite Judge’s withdrawal of support, Gunvalson is selling bracelets and has started an online donation campaign. She also assured fans that “this is a charity, not a business.”

Despite Gunvalson’s claims, the organization has not filed for a 501 C, so it is technically not considered a charity.


Meanwhile, it still isn’t known what kind of secret Gunvalson is holding over Beador’s head.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the secret has something to do with Beador’s husband, David, though the exact details are unknown.

Apparently, Gunvalson claims that Beador revealed the secret to her a long time ago and is willing to unveil it if Beador doesn’t stop being unfriendly.

For Judge, she believes that Gunvalson is still angry at Beador for not visiting her in the hospital after the dune buggy crash in Glamis.

'RHOC' Vicki Gunvalson Reveals She Was 'Alone And Afraid' After Terrifying ATV Accident [Image via Bravo]
Vicki was airlifted to a hospital after the dune buggy crash. [Image by Bravo]

As fans are aware, Beador didn’t know that the accident was serious and called Gunvalson after she was released. But that wasn’t enough for Gunvalson.

“It seemed like Vicki clearly wanted to hold on to the fact Shannon didn’t see her at the hospital, but Vicki felt Shannon should have shown more compassion despite the severity of it,” Judge explained in her blog.

Of course, things started to unravel between the two women at Meghan King Edmond’s party.

“Vicki was not warm and accepting even though Shannon spoke to her nicely. Then Vicki calls her a liar,” Judge added. “I knew that wasn’t going to go over too well.”

Fans can watch Tamra Judge’s feud with Vicki Gunvalson continue to ramp up when new episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County air Monday nights on Bravo.

[Image by Bravo]