Brad Pitt Wants Jennifer Aniston Reunion? Justin Theroux Admits Angelina Jolie Split ‘Stresses’

Love supposedly means never having to say you’re sorry, but for Brad Pitt, having loved Jennifer Aniston and lost her amid an affair with Angelina Jolie now means that he longs to apologize even as he tries to recover from having Jolie divorce him, according to a new report. Aniston’s husband is stepping up to offer his views on the Brangelina drama as well, dropping a bombshell about how he feels when he’s called Mr. Jennifer Anistion (hint: his name is Justin Theroux).


Brad is still in shock mode after getting blindsided by his divorce from Angelina, according to Hollywood Life. But despite his emotional reaction to having Jolie dump him, the actor reportedly is plotting a reunion with Jennifer. Pitt has a goal for the reconciliation that fits into the “better late than never” category, which is to apologize for his affair with Angelina during his marriage to Aniston, revealed a source cited by Hollywood Life.

Now 52, Jolie’s estranged husband is looking back at the way that his relationship with Jennifer, 47, crumbled, and that’s reportedly given him a reason to regret his past with Aniston and try to find a way to make amends. Having Angelina divorce him has given Pitt empathy for Jennifer and allegedly resulted in a desire to mend their relationship.

Brad Pitt reportedly is planning a secret reunion with Jennifer Aniston.
Brad Pitt reportedly is planning a secret reunion with Jennifer Aniston. [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

“He never properly said to her, ‘I’m sorry I hurt you,’ and that’s what he wants to do,” clarified the source.

“In the past, [Brad] was a little glib [about breaking up with Jennifer over Jolie], but he wants to make amends.”

As for just how Pitt and Aniston could escape the ever-present paparazzi for that supposed reunion, the two have a secret meeting planned in Goleta, California, at his beachfront ranch, revealed the insider, who described the meeting as “hugely important to Brad” because it will give him the opportunity to take ownership for the heartbreak he caused Jennifer.

When it comes to public statements, however, it’s Aniston’s husband Justin Theroux who is stepping up in the midst of Brad’s and Angelina’s drama to admit just how stressful it’s been.


Theroux is proud of Aniston and has no hesitation in sharing his strong views (with some strong language) about the situation, noted Cosmopolitan.

Amid hyping his new movie, Girl On The Train, Justin called his wife a “proper bada*s,” describing how he views Jennifer’s survival skills.

“She has lived through a lot of bullsh*t. Many people would have crumbled under some of the stresses.”

But rather than crumble, Aniston is coping successfully, emphasized Theroux, who revealed just how much he admires his wife.

“I’m very proud of her for that, for the way she handles herself,” added Justin.


As for those who want to call him “Mr. Jennifer Aniston,” Theroux doesn’t mind, reported Us Weekly.

“It doesn’t really get under my skin. It’s just one of those things that’s a shorthand for describing who I am,” stated the Girl on the Train actor.

Taking it one step further, Justin says that rather than be insulted by that nickname, he feels honored by the privilege of supporting Aniston.

Justin Theroux views it as an "honor" to support Jennifer Aniston.
Justin Theroux views it as an "honor" to support Jennifer Aniston. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for LTLA]

“In a weird way, it’s an honor to stand behind her. Truly, in that sense, she’s amazing,” added the 45-year-old actor.

While one report claims that Brad wants to reunite with Jennifer, and another story shares just how proud Aniston’s husband feels, Radar Online revealed a different twist to the saga, with an insider sharing that Pitt’s mom Jane is so “devastated” over the situation that she’s reached out to Jennifer.

“Jane [Pitt] has even reached out to Jennifer Aniston for advice — she’s still close to her and at least now she doesn’t have to hide it.”

The source also revealed that both Jane and her husband Bill “were totally blindsided and devastated by this.” Brad’s mother is “absolutely furious” at the “attack” on Pitt’s reputation and will “never forgive Jolie” for what’s happened to the entire family, added the insider.

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