Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic Slammed As ‘Trash’ & ‘Tragic’ After Footage Leaks

Britney Spears’ upcoming unofficial Lifetime biopic may only be in the early stages of filming, but that’s not stopping Britney’s dedicated fans from making it known that they’re not exactly loving the upcoming TV movie tell-all.

According to Cosmopolitan, an onlooker captured candid footage of the cast and crew of the upcoming biopic filming a scene for the movie on the streets, and it’s safe to say that Britney fans didn’t hold back when it came to slamming the movie and pointing out the various inaccuracies in the clip.

Twitter user @beysjournaIs took to Twitter to share fan captured footage of a scene from the biopic in which the cast, which includes Natasha Bennett as Spears, can be seen recreating the now infamous moment Britney attacked a photographer’s car with an umbrella back in 2007.

As Cosmopolitan noted, the clip appeared to have numerous inaccuracies when compared to the incident that took place nine years ago.

While the real moment saw Britney exit her silver vehicle to launch an umbrella attack on a paparazzo’s car while at a gas station in Los Angeles, the recreated scene for the Lifetime movie shows Bennett’s Spears exiting a black vehicle and threatening a swarm of photographers with an umbrella on the street.

The original moment, which was captured by paparazzi almost a decade ago, also shows that Britney was being driven when she hit back with an umbrella, while the recreated scene shows Spears driving herself as photographers close in.

Britney Spears’ fans were quick to point out the various inaccuracies in the leaked footage on social media, slamming Lifetime and the upcoming movie as being “trash” and “tragic” for failing to recreate the infamous pop culture moment accurately.

“If Lifetime can’t even get the d**n umbrella part of Britney’s meltdown right then what is the point in the biopic?” Britney fan @mattjkor asked on the social media site, while @TheGloryBritney added, “This is going to be tragic.”

“@lifetimetv your whole network IS TRASH. Cancel the mess of that Britney ‘biopic,'” Spears fan @RadiantEdits hit back at the network, and Twitter user @matthewnewcomen told Lifetime of the upcoming Britney movie, “y’all gotta stop with this Britney Spears movie. It’s trash just like the rest of your $15 dollar budget movies.”

Lifetime announced that they would be immortalizing Spears in a TV movie back in August, revealing select details about the movie via The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the site, the Britney biopic is being described as a “tumultuous true story” that will give the world an inside look at Spears’ rise to fame as a Disney star and her 1998 breakthrough with “…Baby One More Time” and will then continue to document her 2007 “fall from grace and triumphant resurrection.”

“The two-hour movie will follow Spears’ early career as a young girl from Louisiana and her relationship and breakup with Justin Timberlake as well as her personal struggles following her parents’ divorce,” the site continued of the unofficial Spears biopic, which is expected to debut on Lifetime in 2017.

Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic Slammed As 'Trash' & 'Tragic'
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Shortly after the network revealed that a Spears biopic was in the works, Britney and her team made it pretty clear that the network does not have her permission to create the biopic while also confirming that Britney will not be contributing anything to the movie.

After confirmation of the upcoming tell-all TV biopic hit the headlines, Spears and her team slammed the project in a statement issued to Us Weekly.

“Britney will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the Lifetime biopic,” a spokesperson for the “Make Me…” singer told the magazine in August, “nor does it have her blessing.”

Will you be tuning in to Lifetime’s upcoming Britney Spears biopic?

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