‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: America’s Care Package Recipient, Monte Bashes Justin Over Nudity, Danielle And Kryssie Discuss Why They Think Monte Dislikes Jason

The Big Brother: Over the Top live feeds have been full of drama and excitement, as the first recipient of this season’s America’s Care Package was finally revealed. Also on Friday, Monte Massongill expressed his ire over the nude antics of Justin Duncan, while Danielle Lickey and Kryssie Ridolfi discussed why they think Monte does not like Jason Roy, although Jason expressed several different views on the matter.

On October 7, in the early afternoon, America’s Care Package was delivered to the Big Brother: Over the Top house and the first recipient of this reward was Kryssie Ridolfi. According to Buddy TV, Kryssie was given the Save-A-Friend power, which is similar to a Power of Veto (POV), as she can now use it to save a fellow houseguest from eviction for the week, but she cannot use it on herself.

In other house action, on October 7 at about 5:08 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, Monte was discussing game strategy with Morgan Willett and her sister Alex Willett (the siblings have not revealed to the other houseguests they are related and feigned being complete strangers upon walking into the Big Brother house). As they spoke, he noted he believed Justin will definitely be voted a Have Not by America this week, according to Joker’s Updates.

Monte attempted to convince Morgan that either Jason or Justin needs to be sent home, with some of his desire clearly being fueled by an incident that took place the day prior in which Justin decided to don his birthday suit in front of Morgan.

Joker’s Updates reports that at around 8:03 p.m., Monte, during his Diary Room session, further noted that he was very unhappy that Justin stripped naked in front of a female (Morgan), making her blush. He begged viewers to nominate Justin for eviction and then help give him the boot using America’s Vote.

Monte was referring to something that took place at around 9:05 p.m. on Thursday. On CBS All Access live feeds, Monte and Morgan could be seen talking in the bathroom area as Justin walked toward the shower. Monte asked him if he was showering and the live feeds suddenly left the scene to focus on another discussion in a different room in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, leaving viewers to wonder what took place.

What occurred was revealed at around 9:19 p.m. that same night when Monte was seen on live feeds expressing disgust over Justin taking off his clothes in front of Morgan. Monte told her Justin is a “classless bayou piece of s***.”

Monte continued with, “I hate that guy so much… but you can’t wear your emotions on your sleeve in this game. I just won’t talk to him.” He then asked Morgan if she was okay, and noted, “That’s the most classless thing I’ve ever seen. That makes me be like, ‘Justin, get the f*** out of here… you don’t friggin’ drop your drawers in front of girl you don’t know and then try to talk shade my way.'”

Monte further revealed on Big Brother: Over the Top live feeds that if they weren’t on television, he would have beaten Justin down, as he felt Justin was chiding him by saying, “I’m a competitor” as he dropped his pants. Buddy TV notes that Monte vocalized he believed Justin’s actions makes him a “sexist.”

Justin is not the only houseguest that has a strained relationship with Monte, as at about 5:11 p.m. on Friday, Danielle told Kryssie she greatly dislikes Monte and can’t believe some of the things he’s said.

According to Joker’s Updates, Danielle stated Monte said that Jason stared at him when his pants were unbuckled. Kryssie was apparently “mortified” by this and commented that she thinks Monte “hates” Jason simply because he’s a gay man. She said she realized that this means Jason was right about “Monte’s beef with him being personal.”

Danielle emphasized the fact that she “hates Monte so much,” but must “play nice” for her game, Joker’s Updates reports. She and Kryssie then discussed the very real possibility that Kryssie may use America’s Care Package on Jason to ensure his safety, although Danielle has also asked Kryssie to use the power on her or her showmance, Shane Chapman.

Later on Friday at about 8:56 p.m., however, Jason noted during his Diary Room session that he does not believe Monte has issues with him because he’s gay, but dislikes him because he’s extremely loud and uses colorful language, according to Joker’s Updates.

Despite this, early Saturday morning at 3:19 a.m., Jason was heard on live feeds saying he will tell Whitney Hogg, who’s in an alliance with Monte, that Monte dislikes him because he’s gay and if she remains loyal to Monte, “she’s with a bigot,” Joker’s Updates reports.

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