Daniel Radcliffe On Nudity, Racism, And A Cringe-Worthy Fan Moment

Daniel Radcliffe is an actor who makes a decision to act in a movie purely on the basis of the script, even admitting to asking for help from his literary agent to review a script before he signs up to work on the film project. In fact, Daniel Radcliffe and his father have been dutifully conducting due diligence ever since he featured in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first movie in the popular Harry Potter franchise that made Daniel Radcliffe a famous movie star.

Much to the surprise of fans, it has become clear that the famous child star would be willing to work on any new Harry Potter movie if he is pleased with the script. On being questioned whether he would be keen to reprise his role as Harry Potter in any upcoming movie, Daniel Radcliffe expressed his desire to play the heroic wizard if the sequels are as exciting as the Star Wars sequels.

The rumor about an upcoming Harry Potter film has been doing the rounds ever since Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a West End play based on J.K. Rowling’s story, has been produced and staged. Harry Potter fans who watched the play clearly missed Daniel Radcliffe in the role of an older Harry Potter, who was instead played by Jamie Parker. However, the actor remains unfazed about the prospect of another actor playing his most coveted role. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Daniel Radcliffe remarked that he was not at all worried about losing his role to another actor.

“At the moment it’s not even a concern because I’m too young to play the character, but even in 10 years time I would still feel strange about going back to it.”

Daniel Radcliffe does not feature as Harry Potter in the stage play but the The Woman in Black actor will probably always be considered the original Harry Potter. Moreover, the Harry Potter films have not only boosted Daniel Radcliffe’s career, but they have also instilled in him the much needed confidence to be an outspoken actor who can frankly air his views.

Recently, Daniel Radcliffe openly labeled the Hollywood film industry to be racist while airing his views on the Victoria Derbyshire show. However, the actor was quick to point out that he has started to witness positive changes in the film industry’s attitudes as well. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a hopeful Daniel Radcliffe spoke about how present day scriptwriters are appreciating diversity through their scripts and stories.

“I do think that now these things have come up things are going to start changing. I’m starting to see it in scripts that I read.”

Daniel Radcliffe’s confidence as an actor became quite evident when he boldly stripped naked while filming for movies like Horns, The F Word, and Kill Your Darlings. Daniel Radcliffe’s confidence has also motivated him to offer advice to those who feel shy to go around naked in a nudist resort. According to the Mirror, Daniel offered words of wisdom to a Radio 1 listener who wanted a few tips while visiting a clothing-optional resort.

Today, Daniel Radcliffe might be oozing with confidence, but there were times when the Harry Potter actor faced embarrassing moments even after attaining stardom. While appearing for an interview on Radio X, the actor spoke about an incident when he was visiting a theatre to watch a play, when he visited a crowded bar and ran into a girl who exclaimed, “Oh, would you mind? Would it be possible if…?” Believing the girl to be his fan who wanted a photo with him, Daniel Radcliffe expressed his hesitation to feature in the picture as he was too busy. However, NME reports that, much to Daniel’s embarrassment, the girl made it clear that she was in fact requesting the Imperium actor to make way for her instead.

[Featured Image by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images]