‘General Hospital’ Speculations: Will Steve Burton Make His Way Back To Port Charles? [Spoilers]

It was a shock when Steve Burton chose to leave General Hospital three years ago and now the soap actor has done it again. He dropped the unexpected bombshell on Thursday that he is leaving his current role as Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless in December. What will he do now? Well, many fans are really hoping that he will make his way back to ABC on the daytime drama where he spent 22 years playing the role of Jason Quartermaine/Morgan.

Even as hopeful as fans may be, it is uncertain exactly what Burton’s future holds right now. At least he is not ready to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to his plans after he is done filming for CBS. As She Knows has noted about his upcoming departure, it is mighty curious as to what his next move will be. He could very well be lured back to General Hospital, but what would that mean for Jason Morgan, the character that he originated so long ago?


The role was taken over by Billy Miller when he left and even though it might have taken a while for viewers to warm up to him, Miller seems to have fit in quite well now. The writers had figured out just how to turn it around to let Miller make Jason Morgan into the same character, yet completely different at the same time. It had been a long road, but he made Jason into a whole other person. Steve Burton was Stone Cold, but Miller is far from it. Jason Morgan is more like a Quartermaine and has stayed away from his former life as a mob hitman.


If Burton would be asked to come back to General Hospital, it would make many fans very happy. However, the show already has Jason Morgan on board, so it would be quite interesting to see how they would work that story line if he would make his return. He could come back as a completely different character, but fans may not embrace him as anyone other than Jason. Or they may not embrace him at all since many fans are now loving the new Jason. That also may not work well for Steve Burton as he basically grew up on General Hospital as Jason. It would certainly be a hard sell to have him as anyone else.

To make things even more interesting, they could make it that the current Jason Morgan isn’t really Jason at all. Remember when Billy Miller stepped into the role, he was known as Jake Doe. He didn’t know who he was, but then he eventually started having flashes of memories and was later revealed to be Jason. There could be a whole new story here that could change things dramatically, especially now that Sam and Jason are expecting their second baby.

As many other people had mentioned, Helena Cassadine could come into play here. Maybe she programmed this guy into being Jason Morgan, but the real one is still out there, which is when the real guy shows up and freaks everyone out. Only in soaps could this happen. But then again, the writers at General Hospital just tied Paul Hornsby into being the town’s serial killer, so this is certainly not too far-fetched for the show.


Being on The Young and the Restless for only three years, many are wondering why Steve Burton is leaving so soon. As Michael Fairman of On Air, On Soaps pointed out, Jill Farren Phillips, who was executive producer of the CBS daytime drama, is no longer there. Many fans are wondering if that could have anything to do with his departure. Or it could just be that he didn’t feel that he was the right fit for the role of Dylan. Whatever the reason is, he has left his mark in the world of soaps and many will miss seeing him if he is choosing to walk away completely from daytime TV.

Would Steve Burton even want to come back to General Hospital? Even though he would probably be welcomed back with open arms, it sounds like he may be ready for something completely different. He may want to spread his talents into something other than soaps. Only time will tell on what his plans are for next year and beyond.

Would you like to see Steve Burton back on General Hospital?

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