Man Smokes Carolina Reaper, Instantly Regrets It

Eating hot and spicy food is a challenge that many will often take on in hopes of proving they can handle the pain of the peppers. However, one man decided to smoke a Carolina reaper through a bong and instantly regretted his decision.

Ted Barrus chose to smoke a Carolina reaper to see what would happen, according to the New York Post. The Carolina reaper is known as the world’s hottest pepper, so he thought smoking one and putting the video on YouTube would generate a lot of attention.

He might have been right about the attention, but he instantly regretted his decision after his first hit. Yet, he went back for one more.

Barrus calls himself the “fire breathing idiot” because he often eats foods that are too spicy for him, according to FoodBeast. He thinks of himself as a professional spicy food eater and weed smoker.

“I am a professional, though, when it comes to bong rips. I’m a bud tender, so uh, I have a little expertise bong ripping things.”

Although he may claim to be an expert, he made a rookie mistake drowning the heat with water. Of course, anyone who eats food that is too spicy will often grab the closest drink nearby.

Catfish Cooley made a similar mistake when he chose to record himself eating three Carolina reapers and downing a fifth of Fireball whiskey.

Barrus’ YouTube video has received nearly 400,00 views and 1,500 thumbs up.

Many commenters on the post were completely flabbergasted that he would attempt such a stunt. Eating a Carolina reaper is one thing, but breathing the spicy burn into your lungs is a horrific thought to grasp.

MeganBojan1993 summed up many of the responses in a single phrase, giving Barrus the Darwin award for the stunt.

“And the Darwin award of 2016 goes to…”

Lonely Wolf J experienced an incident where he inhaled dust from a grinding machine, stating he felt the pain with each breath for several days. One can only imagine how Barrus felt for the days after his incident.

“When I accidentally inhaled dust from grinding I felt pain in my lungs for next 3 days and for more than one week I had throat pain + my body reacted to it as it was cold.”

Jussi Saari stated that Barrus only has one other video that could top smoking a Carolina reaper. One can only hope that Barrus does not attempt it.

“The next logical step would be injecting pure capsaicin. I expect to see that video next week.”

As with nearly every Carolina reaper-ingesting video on the internet, the individual’s body rejects the heat and coerces a vomitous end, which brings little relief to the individual.

Unfortunately, Barrus is not the only person inclined to try smoking a Carolina reaper. The man in the video below took it to a new level by trying to vape a Carolina reaper.

Although the pain Barrus felt was excruciating, he was most likely in no medical harm. According to Medical Daily, the amount of peppers needed to kill a man would be quite large. The body would intervene before enough peppers were eaten to cause death.

“A research study in 1980 calculated that 3 pounds of extreme chilies in powder form — of something like the bhut jolokia — eaten all at once could kill a 150-pound person.”

Have you tried a Carolina reaper? If so, would you ever attempt something as crazy as smoking one?

It is urged that no one attempt to smoke, vape, snort, or attempt any other acts of ingesting a Carolina reaper. Food consumption is the only recommended means of eating the Carolina reaper, and even then with caution.

[Featured Image by Astrobobo/Shutterstock]