‘RHONY’ Dorinda Medley Has A Few Too Many Dirty Martinis And Causes A ‘S**tshow’ At The Regency Hotel

The Real Housewives of New York’s season may be over, but that didn’t stop Dorinda Medley from stirring up some major drama. The reality star reportedly had an epic meltdown and lashed out at an investment banker at the Regency Hotel in New York this week. What sparked Medley’s seemingly unwarranted attack?

Page Six reports that Medley attended a meeting at the hotel after an alcohol-friendly lunch. We all know Dorinda’s love a good dirty martini.

Eye witnesses claim that Medley started to yell at Harry Dubin before turning on banker Sylvester Miniter IV with her shoes.

“Harry walked into a s**tshow,” an insider explained. “When Sylvester tried to be a peacemaker and told Dorinda she was being inappropriate, Dorinda, who had her shoes in her hand, tried to spike him in the head with a high heel.”

Dubin actually has a fairly rich history with the ladies of RHONY. He was previously married to Aviva Drescher and even dated Sonja Morgan at one point.

'RHONY' Star Dorinda Medley Slams Sonja Morgan Over 'Hilarious' Cocaine Allegations [Image via Bravo]
Sonja Morgan accused Dorinda Medley of using drugs on the Season 7 reunion. [Image by Bravo]

It isn’t clear why Dubin was meeting with Medley and what sparked their argument, but alcohol likely played a part in the incident. Fortunately, John Mahdessian arrived soon after the altercation and whisked Medley to her home before any more damage was done.

While Medley originally apologized for her actions, she later denied hitting Miniter with her heel.

Instead, Medley blamed the incident on her late husband’s death and remains adamant that she did not hit anyone with her heel.

“It was her late husband’s birthday. She’d been at his grave all day, and it was just too much for her,” a source revealed. “She took her shoes off because her feet hurt.”

According to Bustle, Dorinda Medley later released an official statement about the incident that denied anything physical had taken place.

“Monday would’ve been Dorinda’s late husband’s birthday, and it’s always a difficult time for her, because she still loves and misses him dearly,” the statement reads. “This was nothing more than a spirited conversation among good friends of which someone, unfortunately, misjudged the tone and then used it to mislead the press.”

The statement continues, “No arguments or hard feelings of any kind, just old friends having a raucous time during cocktail hour.”

Dorinda, John, and Bethenny had a drunken fight in the early part of Season 8 of 'RHONY.' [Image by Bravo]

More details about the alleged incident have not come to light.

Coincidentally, the Regency Hotel is the dame place where Tom D’Agostino Jr. cheated on Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps last year.

Perhaps it’s time that the ladies steer clear of the establishment, at least until the drama winds down.

Meanwhile, Reality Tea reports that Medley’s latest outburst might give her co-stars more ammunition on her alleged drug use.

As fans will recall, several RHONY ladies accused Medley and her boyfriend of doing drugs last season. Things got extra heated during the reunion when cast members openly discussed Medley’s use of cocaine. Earlier in the season, Bethenny Frankel accused Mahdessian of doing drugs as well.


Medley, of course, denies any and all use of illegal substances, though her latest shoe bashing isn’t going to help her argument. At the same time, it isn’t known if RHONY camera crew were on hand to witness Medley’s recent fight. Given how the reality show is currently in the middle of seasons, fans probably won’t get to see this one play out on TV.

Either way, the topic will likely crop up during the coming season of the Real Housewives of New York, assuming Medley will be a part of it. Until then, fans can only hope that more information comes to light and we discover why Medley felt the need to hit someone with her shoe.

Tell us! What do you think about Dorinda Medley and the shoe incident? Let us know in the comments, and check out some of her best drunken moments from RHONY below.

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