Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘Luke Cage’ On Netflix?

Netflix has had roaring success among subscribers with Netflix originals including Jessica Jones and Daredevil. For this reason, it was no surprise Netflix subscribers had such high hopes for the newest Marvel addition, Luke Cage, which officially landed on the website in September. It didn’t take long for those viewing Jessica Jones to fall in love with the character Luke Cage. According to the Inquisitr, Luke Cage “stole the show.”

As many Netflix subscribers and Marvel fans wasted no time binge-watching through the entire first season of Luke Cage, it didn’t take long for viewers to ask one important question: Would there be a Season 2? If so, when can Netflix subscribers expect Season 2 to be added to Netflix? Fortunately, What’s On Netflix has done a little speculating on this question recently.

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Season 1 of Luke Cage was released on Netflix on September 30. According to What’s On Netflix, the debut of the series has gone over fairly well with critics. The series is described as a solid series with an incredible production value. Luke Cage is exactly what Netflix subscribers come to expect from a Marvel and Netflix production. Season 1 of Luke Cage focuses on the original story of Luke and how he became the character that everyone fell in love with in Jessica Jones, which was released on Netflix back in 2015.

Without giving away any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed Season 1 of Luke Cage, it does leave viewers with a nice setup for a Season 2. In fact, What’s On Netflix claims they are comfortable saying – with confidence – it is no longer so much of a question whether or not there will be a Season 2 of Luke Cage, but when Season 2 of the series is going to be added to Netflix for viewers to enjoy. This combined with the fact that all of the other Defenders have a second or third season in the works should give fans of Luke Cage some peace of mind in the fact that there will likely be a Season 2.

So, when can Luke Cage fans look forward to seeing a Season 2?

Outside of confirming the chances of getting a Season 2 of Luke Cage are very good, nailing down exactly when a Season 2 of the series is likely to surface on Netflix is a little harder to do. What’s On Netflix has also informed Marvel and Netflix fans that the schedule for releasing these shows in the upcoming months has been pretty hectic. As a matter of fact, there has always been a pattern of being pretty hectic. Currently, Netflix has three different shows scheduled to release within six months of each other.

It is not typical of Netflix to stack the release of too many originals at one time. Doing so would hurt the debut ratings when the series is originally released. Unless a story for Season 2 of Luke Cage is developed and completed before Jessica Jones goes on to Season 2 or Daredevil goes on to Season 3 (which are both expected to happen in 2018), Luke Cage fans may be forced to wait until 2019 before a Season 2 of the series is added to the Netflix library.

Have you finished watching Season 1 of Luke Cage? How do you feel knowing it may be two or even three years before Season 2 of Luke Cage hits the Netflix library? If you finished Season 1, do you think it ended with a good setup for Season 2? Share your thoughts on where this Netflix original series stands in the comments section below.

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