Angelina Jolie NOT Dragging Jennifer Aniston To Court In Brad Pitt Divorce, Despite Report

Angelina Jolie is NOT dragging Jennifer Aniston into court with her in her divorce with Brad Pitt, despite multiple rumors and reports that she is. Gossip Cop claims to be able to exclusively debunk the rumors. Multiple news sources have reported that Angelina was planning to bring Jennifer Aniston into court to help her expose Brad Pitt’s alcohol and drug use. Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt prior to his relationship with Jolie. It’s been widely rumored that the relationship between Pitt and Jolie began during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while he and Aniston were still married. As previously reported in the Inquisitr, upon Jolie having filed for divorce, Jennifer Aniston reportedly told a friend, “Yeah, that’s karma for you!”


Supposedly, according to a self-proclaimed “insider,” Angelina intended for her divorce lawyers to subpoena and depose Jennifer Aniston in order to reveal incriminating insight about Pitt. She apparently wanted to drag Aniston into her heated divorce proceedings. It has been said that she wanted Aniston to be grilled over Brad’s past drug and alcohol abuse, hoping to reveal evidence of his anger and control issues. The insider claimed it was a “devious and ruthless move on Angie’s part.”

Fortunately, however, it’s been revealed that Jolie won’t have to resort to such drastic measures since Brad diffused Angelina by agreeing to a temporary custody arrangement presented by her legal team. Allegedly, if this hadn’t happened, rumor had it that Aniston might very well have been put on the stand against her ex-husband, with whom she still remains friends.


Gossip Cop is calling out the tabloids for their trickery, saying they like to introduce a “far-fetched” idea such as Jennifer Aniston being subpoena’d to testify, and then cover their tracks by admitted it won’t actually end up happening. This time, however, Gossip Cop says they have exclusive information that says Jolie “never” intended to drag Aniston into court and into their divorce fight, whether Pitt had agreed to the new custody arrangement or not. It turns out Aniston won’t be brought into their fight anyway, especially not for the reason given by the tabloids. Aniston surely wouldn’t have been thrilled at the prospect, considering that she still considers Pitt her friend and has apparently taken his side in the bitter divorce.

Pitt’s surprising move, agreeing to the custody arrangement with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, may have been made at least partly in an attempt to avoid the whole display of dragging his ex into the courtroom to testify against him. Radar Online reports that the temporary custody agreement will only last until October 20, Angelina Jolie will retain full custody of all six kids. Brad Pitt will have visitation rights, but his initial visit requires that a therapist will have to be present. In addition, he will be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings.

Raoul Felder, a prominent attorney who handles celebrity divorces, told Radar that Pitt was out of options.

“Brad was in an impossible situation. No matter what happened, there was nothing positive in it for him. The charges that have been made against him may or may not be based in fact. We still don’t know – and Angelina’s played him like a violin.”

Angelina told Brad in no uncertain terms that if he fought her, if he chose to go to court, it would get dirty. At least now we can be relatively sure it wouldn’t have been likely to involve Angelina Jolie dragging Jennifer Aniston into court in her divorce with Brad Pitt. What do you think? Would Angelina have been justified in having her legal team depose Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s ex, in an ugly courtroom battle? Please weigh in on the comments section below.

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