Mandy Moore Is Back With A New Look, A New TV Show, And A New Boyfriend

Mandy Moore’s presence at the recent Emmy Awards ceremony clearly reveals that the actress and pop singer is back in the business.

Earlier, the Walk To Remember actress had found it difficult to focus on her acting career as her marriage with singer Ryan Adams was going haywire. Additionally, the actress had earlier revealed that she had also struggled with depression after she found that her career had stagnated over the course of her married life.

Realizing that her marriage had turned sour, Mandy ended her relationship with Ryan Adams to make a new start. After going through a tumultuous year, Mandy Moore has resurfaced on the television scene by featuring in This Is Us, an NBC television drama that focuses on the lives of five personalities who are born on the same day.

The singer and actress will be acting alongside Milo Ventimiglia, who will be playing her on-screen husband. The new series will show the couple expecting triplets, and the License to Wed actress will reportedly be acting in some of the most intense labor scenes that have been ever featured on a television show. According to Cosmopolitan, This Is Us promises to be a tear-jerker due to the emotional lives that the characters lead.

In addition to achieving a breakthrough in her professional career, Mandy Moore has also moved ahead in her personal life by starting a romance with musician Taylor Goldsmith. Many fans noted her graceful walk on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards clearly revealed that the actress is once again full of life and energy. According to Vogue, the actress had taken efforts to look her best by undergoing a LED light facial and donning a typical 1970s hairstyle.

Mandy Moore looked gorgeous in a marigold-colored Prabal Gurung dress that was stylish due to its tiers, layers, and ruffles. The actress’s retro look was further enhanced by the sparkling jewelry designed by jewelers like Beladora, David Webb, and Jennifer Myer.

It would not be wrong to speculate that Mandy Moore’s newfound love and the latest television project has helped the “It’s Gonna Be Love” singer bounce back after quite a dark period of her life. Mandy Moore might have made a comeback in her life, but the painful experiences associated with her troubled marriage continue to haunt her. In fact, the actress has valuable lessons to offer all of the aggrieved women who wish to get out of their rut by overcoming grief, anger, and other depressive feelings.

In Mandy’s opinion, it is important to connect with those feelings that can spark creativity and open new opportunities. According to E! Online, Mandy spoke about how she harnessed the power of her troubled memories and negative emotions to achieve her goals.

“Life is not easy. [But] I think it’s been great to be able to take all of the chapters in my life and be able to pour it into a job like this because it all helps. It’s all fuel.”

Mandy Moore also revealed that seeking solitude helped her to rediscover her hidden potential and grow in a positive direction. Moreover, the Chasing Liberty actress did not harm herself by repressing her anger and sorrow. Instead, she let go of her painful emotions by first acknowledging them and then forcing herself to feel them. In this way, Mandy managed to achieve a better mental state by releasing her repressed frustration.

The actress has said that she believes that all the life events are connected, and everything happens for a reason. In fact, she believes that her suffering has played a significant role in helping her to reinvent herself in a positive way. According to E! Online, Mandy Moore spoke about how her self-discovery helped her become aware of different opportunities that life had to offer.

“I’ve been working on myself and have been in plenty of therapy to realize that is not the only role that I need to assume in life.”

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]