Michelle Obama: So Much More Than Just The First Lady

Michelle Obama is fondly recollecting the golden moments that she spent in the White House during her eight-year stint as the first lady of the United States. Michelle Obama and the rest of the first family are currently enjoying their last few months in the White House before the Obama family vacates the presidential mansion after America elects its new president in the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier, Michelle Obama became emotional while speaking about her attachment to the White House at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. During her heartfelt speech, the first lady expressed her pride at waking up every morning in her official residence that was built by slaves.

Despite feeling sad at the idea of leaving the White House, Michelle Obama appeared to be in a lighthearted mood when attending The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. According to USA Today, the first lady flaunted her skills as an impressionist by mimicking the smile of none other than her husband Barack Obama, who is not only an accomplished politician but also a loving father.

Michelle Obama revealed that her husband loves to enlighten his daughters over family dinners by talking about serious issues like global warming. The famous first lady further explained that she strives to lighten up the mood by talking about hit numbers like Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” a song that is enjoyed by all members of the first family.

Further, while appearing on the popular talk show, Michelle Obama took the opportunity to speak on her Let Girls Learn global initiative, which aims to provide adolescent girls with the proper education to improve the quality of their lives. The first lady’s initiative is mainly targeted toward young women in developing nations and aims to encourage females to play a lead role in transforming their communities and, in turn, the entire world.

Michelle Obama’s appearance on The Late Show came at roughly the same time that she took to a Broadway stage to promote her humanitarian cause to the spouses of several government dignitaries who were attending the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York. According to People, Michelle Obama spoke about how she plans to achieve her goal by focusing on every community across the world.

“Part of it is bringing awareness to the issue. We know that we have to be on the ground. You can’t change culture if you’re not a part of the culture. Every community is different.”

Previously, Michelle Obama had teamed with celebrities like Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Diane Warren, and Sophia Bush to speak about her initiative at the SXSW 2016 festival in Texas. During the festival, the first lady, along with her popular musician friends, launched “This Is For My Girls,” a female empowerment track that served as an anthem for her girls’ education project.

Michelle Obama is one of the few first ladies who has made sincere efforts to establish their own identity. In fact, the wife of the first African-American president in United States history had earlier gained a reputation as an accomplished lawyer prior to her husband’s run for the presidency. In fact, Michelle Obama has proved to be more than a dutiful wife who stood by her politician husband and withstood the pressures of his election campaign.

In the first lady’s opinion, spouses of presidential candidates should not expect public empathy if they are not able to withstand the pressure experienced while endorsing their husbands during the presidential race. According to SBS, Michelle Obama revealed that she was able to actively participate in her husband’s presidential campaign because she had always endorsed his policies and beliefs.

“The bottom line is, if I didn’t agree with what Barack was saying, I would not support his run. So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are too. So no sympathy.”

Michelle’s comments were clearly targeted towards Melania Trump, the wife of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who allegedly plagiarized parts of a speech that she delivered during her husband’s 2008 presidential campaign. Melania Trump was heavily criticized for giving the plagiarized speech at the recent Republican National Convention in which Donald Trump was declared as the party’s presidential nominee.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]