‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ And That Uber Driver Named Snow, We’re Betting He’ll Be Back

As soon as the credits were rolling for American Horror Story this past Wednesday, viewers were wondering, “Who the heck is Rhett Snow?” (If you’re like me, you actually asked out loud to an empty room.) Then we were Googling the name, because Snow is a familiar last name for AHS fans, but the first name Rhett is not. And frankly my dear — well, you know the rest.

So who is this guy? In the American Horror Story universe, two people sharing the same last name is not a coincidence. So the fact that Rhett shares a last name with Coven’s Myrtle Snow can not be a coincidence. MTV News commented on the coincidence that the Uber driver also shares a last name with Game of Thrones favorite Jon Snow and the fact that viewers also apparently noted the difference as jokes about how Rhett knows nothing quickly popped up.

In this week’s American Horror Story episode, he said, “You know, I just prayed to God everyone was all right. He never came out, so I left.”

But if that is going to be all we see of this new character that female viewers are already crushing on, why give him a name or include him in the narration of the re-enactment? There’s no way that’s the last we’ll see of him.

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Here’s another thing worth noting about Rhett: Remember the murderous nurses that we saw in an earlier episode of this year’s American Horror Story? Remember their plan? They killed people based on the first letter of their first name. So far, they had “MURDE.” Matt and Shelby found the letters written in blood on the wall beneath some wallpaper. They only need an R to complete their word. Rhett would fit the bill for them to complete their dirty deeds.

American Horror Story fans are getting impatient to see Evan Peters and Cheyenne Jackson. When the documentary guy first broke the fourth wall, Episode 3, and talked to Lee, some fans thought it was the voice of Evan Peters, and others thought it was Cheyenne Jackson. Well, the verdict is in, and it’s Cheyenne. So where is Evan Peters? Fans took to Twitter wondering the same thing when a new character appeared in this week’s American Horror Story and it wasn’t Peters.


There are a few theories about what part Evan Peters may end up playing in American Horror Story: Roanoke. The folks over at the TV Enthusiast outlined some of them. One is that both Evan and Cheyenne are associated with the documentary, and when we get another look at the other side of the camera, he will appear. Another is that maybe we have seen him, but he’s been kept in the background. Maybe he’s one of the bearded colonists, but we haven’t gotten a shot of him that gives away it’s him. A third theory is that the big twist Ryan Murphy has promised in Episode 6 is that some big blowup will happen on the documentary set, and Evan will appear in some way that shakes up the show. TTE suggests that what we’re seeing so far is some conspiracy theory about something that happened, and Peters will appear to bring it all crashing down.

Two more theories about the role Evan Peters will play in Season 6 of American Horror Story are especially interesting. One is that he will play some ancestor of Dandy Mott. This week, we learned that a Mott was the original owner of the house. And Ryan Murphy has promised that we’re going to learn the Mott family’s origin story this year. Maybe Evan is going to be part of that story. And there’s another he could be playing. Another situation where we’ve seen him but didn’t know it was him. Maybe he’s the Pig Man! No one can figure out what the deal is with pigs this year, but this week’s episode continued their prominence, and at some point, I guess we’ll learn what’s up with that. And maybe we’ll learn that it’s Peters under that pig head.

So much speculation for American Horror Story this year. We have one more episode before the turning point in Episode 6, and we can’t wait to see what it is. For now, we do have the promo for Episode 5. Take a look below.

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