Benjamin Taylor Boldly Claimed He ‘Didn’t Molest’ Infant Emmaleigh Barringer

On Monday, Benjamin Taylor allegedly committed one of the most heinous crimes on an infant child, when the 32-year-old West Virginia man allegedly sexually molested 9-month-old Emmaleigh Barringer, who succumbed to her injuries two days later. This was a crime that had shocked America due to its sheer brutality, and it had even gotten to a point where a petition was circulated, demanding that Taylor hangs for his alleged crime. But an exclusive report from People claims that Taylor denied committing the sexual crime, even if he did apologize to his mother and tell her he did “something bad.”

Based on court documents obtained earlier in the week by People and released in Friday’s report, Benjamin Taylor spoke to his mother on the phone after allegedly committing the crime, and told her that he “didn’t molest the child.” The criminal complaint against Taylor also quotes him as telling his mom he “did do something bad” that Monday. On that day, Emmaleigh Barringer was found unresponsive and bleeding by her mother, Amanda Adkins, and taken to the hospital, where she had been declared brain-dead on Wednesday, dying in her mother’s arms.

The Inquisitr reported Thursday that Taylor was charged with Emmaleigh’s murder, adding to his existing sexual assault charges.

On top of what we already know about the Benjamin Taylor case, People’s report added more detailed information on the abuse he had allegedly committed against his girlfriend’s daughter.

“Doctors believe Emmaleigh was assaulted hours before she arrived at the hospital and suffered extensive bleeding and physical trauma as the result of her sex assault. She also had a fractured skull and brain hemorrhaging from being violently shaken or hit, commonly referred to as shaken baby syndrome.”

According to the complaint against Taylor, Ripley, West Virginia, resident Adkins woke up early Monday morning and realized Emmaleigh was nowhere to be found near her bed. She had then gone down to the basement, where she found her infant child “covered in blood and unresponsive,” according to People. She had also discovered her boyfriend, Benjamin Taylor, shirtless with his pants unzipped, similarly covered in blood as he crouched over the dying child.

Additionally, the complaint notes that there was also a lot of blood on blankets, clothing articles, and other pieces of evidence found in the basement.


When questioned by police, Taylor claimed he was simply doing laundry with Emmaleigh and was attempting to change her diaper when he mysteriously “blacked out” due to unexplained reasons. The complaint also quotes Taylor as saying that Emmaleigh’s blood was “not on my crotch” at the time the assault took place. Despite his firm denial, authorities found that Taylor had blood on several parts of his body, including his groin area.

The fact that a man had allegedly brutally raped and ultimately allegedly murdered a child so young has been described as one of the most gruesome crimes in recent memory. Jackson County (West Virginia) Sheriff Tony Boggs expressed these thoughts in quotes published by ABC 13, calling the case a crime that has “shocked a nation.”

“This story has reached far and wide,” Boggs continued. “I think it’s affected everyone that’s hear it and again, I don’t know if there’s words to describe it, you know, (you’ve got to) take care of your kids.”


Meanwhile, the White House petition to hang Taylor continues to gain more momentum and is now close to 43 percent of the required 100,000 signatures by November 4, 2016. The Inquisitr also reported about the petition earlier this week, and it currently has 42,728 signatures; all signed by people who believe a jail sentence is “hardly justice” for someone who allegedly had committed such a heinous act.

[Featured Image by Jackson County Sheriff Department]