The Creepiest ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Is…?

Last week, I mentioned the reasons why some people might find Alaskan Bush People to be a rather creepy show. There was a strong response to the article, particularly among those who agreed that there are elements that don’t add up.

For the record, Alaskan Bush People isn’t a creepy series just because the family supposedly lives in the middle of nowhere. Nor is the concept of “bush people” inherently creepy.Some individuals are just happy to live “off the grid” and can take care of themselves just fine.

However, there is mounting evidence that the Brown family, the stars of Alaskan Bush People aren’t necessarily part of that group. The show is routinely accused of being fake, and the Browns are often called out as frauds.

As for the Browns, this article is a follow-up, meant to call out certain “Wolf Pack” members for their creepy ways. One Alaskan Bush People star, in particular, happens to be the most unsettling member of the bunch.

Image via the Discovery Channel
[Image by the Discovery Channel]

Bear Brown

I won’t say there’s anything wrong with being as “extreme” as one possibly can. I will say there is something a little off about all the fish-punching Bear Brown does.

This was so disturbing, it was called out in my “Why Alaskan Bush People Is The Creepiest Show On TV” article. For Bear’s part, he seems to consider it compassionate to knock a fish out — or beat it against a rock. Whatever his logic, it’s cringe-inducing footage. Luckily for Bear, there are others who fit the “creep” label far better than he does.

Noah Brown

Image via the Discovery Channel
[Image by the Discovery Channel]

Noah Brown is supposed to come across as the love child of Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne with a dash of William Shakespeare thrown in. Instead, his speaking and behavior on Alaskan Bush People can, at times, be a bit too much. Noah’s approach to Christie was meant to be “old-fashioned” and romantic, but you can tell from the behavior of his now ex-girlfriend’s grandparents, they found Noah — and the cameras — a little bizarre.

We later learned in Season 5 that things between Christie and Noah didn’t work out. Noah invited a woman named Karryna Kauffman out to “Browntown” and touched on his feelings of heartbreak.

But instead of simply mentioning it and moving on, the Alaskan Bush People star performed a song about the breakup…a very, very awkward song.

If rumors about Kauffman are true, and she was paid to appear on Alaskan Bush People, I’d say she earned her paycheck. A lesser woman would have fallen to the floor, convulsing with laughter. Unrequited love aside, Noah has his off moments, but there is still someone on Alaskan Bush People who is far and away creepier.

Image via the Discovery Channel
[Image by the Discovery Channel]

Billy Brown

I could talk about the “unique” style of facial hair. I even could talk about the fact that, as Radar Online and Looper notes, Billy Brown married Ami when she was just a 15-year-old girl.

But in the context of Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown’s creep factor is magnified thanks to the show itself. This is someone who has his family openly pretending that they spent most of their life in the wild. In reality, a family “born wild” would have no need for the Internet. We can’t ignore the fact that Billy Brown had his children use YouTube to promote his book, One Wave At A Time.

Not only that, but the kids regularly chronicled their lives using the site — something children who had no concept of computers shouldn’t be able to do. The show’s concept was clearly manufactured by Billy Brown solely for profit. To be fair, there are multiple reality TV parents doing pretty much the same thing as Billy and Ami Brown.

However, there is one act of creepiness that borders on the unforgivable.

Billy Brown’s treatment family member took a shocking turn during Season 5. As viewers are aware, Brown had no scruples about pretending to meet his eldest daughter, Twila Byars, for the first time in three decades. The two are estranged but aren’t the strangers Alaskan Bush People made them out to be.

Even worse than going along with that blatant lie for ratings? The idea that he and the show openly exploited the death of his teenage granddaughter.

Please, allow me to break that last part down for you:

  • Billy Brown brought his estranged daughter onto Alaskan Bush People.
  • He pretended their onscreen meeting was the first in thirty or so years.
  • Billy’s estranged daughter recounted, on camera, the painful death of her child.
  • This is something that Radar Online claims Billy already knew about.
  • Radar Online sources also allege Billy wasn’t remotely supportive of Twila in the aftermath of his granddaughter’s death.

Knowing the awful truth about this situation, what does it mean when a man brings his daughter on TV, pretends not to know her, and pretends not to be aware of his deceased grandchild? What does it mean when all of this plays out on television for ratings dollars?

Billy Brown’s apparent willingness to exploit his offspring for profit is the cornerstone of Alaskan Bush People’s creepiness. It’s something that’s hard to ignore once it’s noticed, and it admittedly takes away some enjoyment of this otherwise family-friendly Alaskan TV series.

Who do you think is the creepiest cast member on Alaskan Bush People? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

[Featured Image by the Discovery Channel]