‘Alaskan Bush People’: November Return Not Official

A few days ago, a Facebook post got Alaskan Bush People fans excited because they finally knew that the Discovery show would be returning. The post seemed to come from Matt Brown, so it was assumed the announcement was legit. No one even questioned its authenticity. Well, it turns out that the announcement was from Matt, but the fate of Alaskan Bush People is still unknown.

The post that caused the confusion was made to the fan page for the Alaskan Bush People star, but it was worded in a way that sounded like it was coming from Matt himself. It has since been pulled, but the wording was from his family’s point of view, something like “Discovery is getting us ready for the new season.” He then said there was no official date yet, but it would be around the beginning of November.

However, another Alaskan Bush People brother, Josh “Bam” Brown, made a post to his Facebook fan page. It does indicate there will be a new season, but the date is not yet official. Here’s the post.

Another post confirms the show will return, but an official date has not been determined at this point.

Still, at least fans know that ABP will be returning! The fact that many fans thought Matt made the announcement brought optimism to those who have been worrying about his health and his drinking issues. They hoped it meant that Discovery had decided to include the eldest Brown son in the new season of Alaskan Bush People. We still don’t know whether that will happen, but there have been photos of Matt on social media in recent days, and he looks happy and healthy!

So really, the news is good all around, and Matt appears to be doing very well. In the end, his health and well-being are what matters. Whether or not he shows up in the new episodes is secondary.

There are still several unknowns about the Brown family at the center of the Alaskan Bush People. One is the current status of Billy Brown’s health. In the last season, there were serious concerns about some medical issues that the family patriarch was experiencing. Apparently, several years ago, he had an undisclosed health scare and has experienced seizures periodically ever since. A cause has reportedly not been determined.


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On the show last season, the family expressed concern that they may all have to leave the bush of Alaska so Billy could get proper medical treatment. They didn’t have to move out of the bush, but as Radar Online reported, Billy did spend some time out of Alaska for testing and treatment. He went to Seattle for medical treatment and returned, and nothing else was said about his condition after that. The assumption is that the silence about his health since then means he has at least been seizure-free, but nothing has actually been said to either confirm or deny this.

Ami Brown has some health concerns as well that are related to her neck. Realty Today reported that it’s a condition called cervical radiculitis, and concerned fans are interested in how she’s doing. It’s apparently arthritis in her neck that is pressing on nerves where they come out of her neck. She says it’s quite painful.

Then, there is one more piece of news that fans are wondering about in the new season. Josh Brown has fallen in love with one of the Alaskan Bush People producers, and her name is Alison Kagan. News of their relationship broke this summer, with pictures of the happy couple popping up on social media. It will be interesting to see if anything is said about it during the new season.

There is so much that fans want to know! At least we know they are returning. Now, fans will just have to wait to see exactly when that is going to happen.

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