‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Relishes Her Power, Zende And Nicole Struggle, Bill’s News Spreads, And Steffy Gets Emotional [Updated]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the week of October 10 will be packed with drama. Steffy agreed to move back in with Wyatt, but once he shared the news with Quinn about the power of attorney, she walked back out on her husband. Maya and Rick asked Nicole to consider being a surrogate for them again and news of Bill and Brooke’s engagement will start to cause some waves. Where are things headed next?

Wyatt pleaded with Steffy to fight for their marriage after Quinn learned about the power of attorney, but she decided that it was time to walk away. Bold and Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that she will be feeling more committed to her decision to give up on her relationship with Wyatt as the week progresses. He will surely try to convince her that they can make it, and there is little doubt that Liam will see this as a big opportunity for him as he learns the news. Will she run back to Liam or end up leaving both men heartbroken?

Steffy will track down Ridge to talk through all of the latest developments regarding her marriage, Wyatt, and Quinn. She will note that she thinks this may have been her husband’s last chance to get away from his mother and her antics, and she is clearly feeling sad over the fact that he didn’t take it. Some fans feel as if she’s essentially been looking for an excuse to walk away from her marriage so she can reunite with Liam, and the Quinn issue became that excuse. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers via the previews show that she is feeling rather emotional over the situation and Ridge is standing by her side.

As Steffy and Ridge bemoan the latest turn of events, Wyatt will be talking with Quinn about the state of things. She will talk about how Eric needed someone by his side without an agenda and she is clearly grateful to her son for telling her the truth about the power of attorney. She is adamant that she has changed thanks to her love for Eric and when he woke up during Wednesday’s show he was clearly glad to have her by his side. Eric has a lot of catching up to do and fans will be curious to see how he reacts to all he is about to learn.


Rick and Maya stunned Nicole and Zende by asking if she would consider carrying another baby for them. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Nicole and Zende will discuss the situation during Thursday’s show, and it sounds as if they may find themselves struggling to be on the same page regarding the request. Zende will be outraged that Rick and Maya would have the audacity to ask such a big thing of Nicole again, just months after having a child for them. The first surrogacy took a very big toll on Nicole in regards to her relationship with Zende, and doing a second surrogacy when things are finally going smoothly could lead to big problems. Teasers indicate that tensions will escalate between Nicole and Zende as they consider this request.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also share that news of Bill’s engagement to Brooke will spread to some of his admirers and it sounds as if this will lead to some chaos. Will his head swell as he apparently becomes the focus of buzz over being off-the-market now? How will Brooke react to the talk that swirls as a result of this engagement? Will these two end up tying the knot or will the situation take a turn given the changes with Eric, Quinn, and Forrester Creations?

During Friday’s show, Ridge is said to share a shocking announcement with the family and most would imagine that this will be related to the power of attorney over Eric. How will everybody react? Will Wyatt find a way to hold onto his marriage to Steffy or will she ultimately return to Liam? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things will be getting intense, and fans will not want to miss where everything heads next.


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