Sarah Jessica Parker On Her Favorite Books, Why She Admires Kim Kardashian, And How She Didn’t Want To Be Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker might be radically different from Carrie Bradshaw, her popular character in Sex and the City, but nevertheless the actress shares one thing in common with her on-screen character: a passion for reading. The Footloose star is a voracious reader, just like the fictional Carrie Bradshaw who was depicted as a columnist, author, and a freelance fashion writer.

Sarah Jessica Parker also loves to share her passion with her social media followers, who can get first-hand information regarding the books that the actress is reading. Indeed, her book choices clearly reveal that she is not the type of person who is entertained by casual beach reads. In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker loves to read thought-provoking novels written by reputed award-winning authors and journalists.

The actress’s recent Instagram post revealed that she was experiencing great joy in reading books like The Mothers, Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets, and The Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump’s America, written by Brit Bennett, Svetlana Alexievich, and Alexander Zaitchik respectively. Sarah Jessica Parker has also revealed she usually carries one of her favorite novels even while flying on a business trip. InStyle reports that the former Sex and the City actress made sure to bring Herman Koch’s Dear Mr. M along with her when she recently traveled to London on business.

Apart from being an enthusiastic bookworm, Sarah Jessica Parker is also an enterprising personality who has already made her mark in the world of fashion by launching her own collection of shoes, handbags, clothing, and fragrances. It is not known whether Carrie Bradshaw’s addiction to shoes inspired Sarah Jessica Parker to venture into fashion design or whether it was her shrewd business sense that motivated her to extend her famous brand to fashion products.

Now that she has already established herself in the fashion domain, the Failure to Launch actress wants to explore her business skills further by launching new products that will appeal to her fans and followers. More recently, Sarah Jessica Parker launched Stash, her third perfume, in London where she revealed that her latest fragrance had woody notes that gave off sensual and sultry vibes.

Earlier, the Honeymoon in Vegas actress has launched perfumes like Lovely and Covet that were targeted specifically towards women. But with her third fragrance release, Sarah Jessica Parker proudly noted that Stash has both feminine and masculine edges to it.

The actress and entrepreneur has admitted that she has always been inspired by other enterprising celebrities who have demonstrated their genius in building their respective fashion brands. Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker was clearly impressed with Kim Kardashian’s graciousness when the two celebrities caught up with each other at a Kanye West concert. According to Vanity Fair, Sarah Jessica appreciated the focused approach that the Kardashian sibling had adopted while evolving her fashion style over the years.

“Kim obviously has enormous influence, and she is more and more aware of what she wants and the images that she chooses to project, which she is in complete control of.”

Apart from being a celebrity entrepreneur, Sarah Jessica Parker used her stardom to endorse medical products which help patients to deal with certain serious health conditions. According to News Australia, the iconic actress has featured in an advertising campaign for the EpiPen, a medical device that auto-injects measured doses of epinephrine to urgently deal with severe and life-threatening allergic conditions.

Recently, the actress decided to cut off ties with Mylan, the manufacturer of EpiPen, as the company had disappointed consumers when it decided to increase the cost of the device. Sarah Jessica Parker can clearly empathize with allergic patients who find it difficult to buy the EpiPen, as her own son is allergic to both peanuts and hazelnut.

Despite being known as a good humanitarian, Sarah Jessica Parker will always be remembered for her Sex and the City role, which is why it has been so surprising for fans to hear that the actress was very reluctant to take on the role when she first heard of it. According to News Australia, the recently published Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists, a book by James A. Miller, reveals how Sarah Jessica Parker’s agent convinced her to play the role that would eventually propel her to stardom.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]