‘He’s Killing Our Children’: Oregon Father Kills Himself And Two Kids In Apparent Murder-Suicide

A father fatally shot his two children on Wednesday and took his own life as police arrived on the scene, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Lakalo Enfield allegedly killed his daughter, Lehua Enfield, 8, and Lakalo Enfield, 6, at their Redwood Creek apartment complex in Beaverton, Oregon. The 36-year-old man, who had already botched a first attempt to kill himself, played dead when police arrived, but when they left the room to try and preserve the crime scene, Enfield cocked his gun and shot himself a second time.

A police spokesman said that the mother was not a victim in the murder-suicide and expressed sympathy with the family, saying, “[T]hey are in our thoughts and in our hearts, as they grieve, we also grieve as a community.”


Neighbors had heard the mother’s screams of “he’s killing our children” echo in the hallway of the Redwood Creek Apartments as she ran out of the Enfield residence covered in blood. One neighbor had hurriedly dialed 911. Another neighbor had sheltered the mother, Liezl Enfield, as they waited for police to arrive.

A day after the tragedy, everything was still eerie and quiet, with many residents still preferring to stay inside. Neighbor Sabrina Haynes said when she saw the blood on Liezl’s hands, “my heart dropped because I have kids.” Another resident wrongly attributed the screams to a traffic accident.

“I didn’t imagine something like this would happen here. It was so surreal. Nothing you would expect in a quiet little town like Beaverton.”

The man asked not to be identified because Liezl Enfield was staying with him and his girlfriend while her own family flew in from Hawaii. The man admitted that he did not know her particularly well before the tragic shooting, but said he and his girlfriend saw her standing with no shoes out in the rain. He said they just had to invite her in.

The neighbor said the Enfields only moved into the area in July. He said he never heard them fight and often saw the two young kids riding their bikes around the massive apartment complex while their parents watched them.

“So it hits really hard… It’s about one of the saddest things I have ever seen.”


Police said they received a domestic disturbance call over a verbal altercation between the couple, but they saw no signs of assault. The police spokesman said when they got to the house, they found Lakolo Enfield and his kids sprawled on the floor.

According to police, they thought they were all dead and backed out to preserve the scene, but as they reached the front door, they heard a solitary shot. They believed that Lakalo was dead because it appeared as though his wounds were fatal.

Lakalo Enfield and Lehua Enfield were in the first and second grade, respectively, at the Greenway Elementary School. Beaverton school district spokesman Maureen Wheeler revealed that the kids were new and recently joined the school. She confirmed that counselors had been sent to the school to talk to bereaved schoolmates.

“It’s sober in terms of the staff… our hearts and thoughts are with the family and the loss of these dear children.”

Beaverton detectives are looking into the deaths.

A neighbor, Jennifer Underwood, who lives opposite the Enfields, said that she was shaken by the event and needed to take time off work to process what had happened.

“It makes me sad for humanity in general,” she explained.


This is not the first time a man was recently involved in a murder-suicide. In August, a Pennsylvania man, Mark Short Sr., shot his wife, three children, and family dog in the living room of their home before ending his life.

The 40-year-old shooter father left a suicide note that blamed the murders on “domestic issues” pertaining to the deterioration of his marriage. The children were shot once and found on the floor in their pajamas.

His dead family included his wife, Megan Short, and children, Lianna, 8, Mark Jr., 5, and Willow, 2. The youngest child recently had a successful heart transplant.

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