Zayn Malik Writes His Autobiography At 23-Years-Old, And Why Simon Cowell Prefers Harry And Louis

Zayn Malik wishes to share his profound life experience through an autobiography that he has created at the very young age of 23-years-old, according to The Guardian.

Titled simply as Zayn, the “BeFoUr” singer’s autobiography will enable fans to connect with the singer through his thoughts that will be reflected through illustrations and photographs, in addition to the usual written content. According to The Guardian, Zayn Malik spoke about how his autobiography will be the most honest narrative on his life.

“I’m going to show you as much as I can so that you can judge me on my own terms, not on what the press or anyone else says.”

Best known as the first member of the phenomenally successful One Direction music group to leave the rest of his fellow boy band members behind and embark on a solo career, Zayn Malik got to experience glory at a very young age when all four of One Direction’s albums made it to the top of the music charts after their successive releases.

As a music group, One Direction has won 55 major music awards in a very short span of five years since its inception in 2010. Even though One Direction enjoyed a serious fan following, the music group became overly popularly thanks to the enormous fan following that the band members enjoyed on social media. And it appears that Zayn Malik was the only band member who was finding it hard to deal with the pressures of being a teen idol.

In fact, the fiercely outspoken singer had reportedly suffered from anxiety on at least on one occasion when his live performance in London had to be canceled due to his condition. Accepting that his bold outlook and anxiety may harm One Direction, Zayn Malik decided to pursue a solo career and to enjoy the independent life that a normal 22-year-old young man desires to enjoy.

Soon after going solo, the “Pillowtalk” singer began a romantic relationship with model Gigi Hadid, who appears to be providing the former One Direction member with the strength he needs to cope with even the most trying times. Just Jared reports that the romantic couple was seen enjoying each other’s company at the London Fashion Week.

Writing his autobiography might have given Zayn Malik the much-needed creative outlet to channel the thoughts that he had kept to himself while performing as a One Direction band member. Zayn Malik rose to prominence after he had the opportunity to team up with four other young male talented singers while participating in The X Factor, the British television music competition.

Entertainment mogul and producer of The X Factor, Simon Cowell, has been credited with creating One Direction when Zayn Malik and the other participants were grouped together as a music band after the participants failed to individually qualify in the “Boys” category of the music competition. Irrespective of their ranking in the television competition, One Direction had already gained immense popularity in the United Kingdom.

Simon Cowell, who had earlier recognized the group’s potential, immediately signed One Direction up to perform for Syco Records for a two-year contract with a value of more than £2 million. Later, the keen businessperson struck a new £10 million deal with the group in 2013 when they were gearing up to record their fourth album.

Enjoying his relationship with the money-minting music group, who helped his fortune grow to £300 million, Simon Cowell naturally became concerned when Zayn Malik publicly spoke out against One Direction after he left the band. Recently, the rift between the young singer and the entertainment mogul became evident when the entrepreneur openly criticized Zayn for not consulting him while planning to produce a television series about a boy band.

As someone who credits himself for making Zayn Malik famous, Simon now apparently feels that the big young singer needs to run every professional decision past him. According to Hollywood Life, Cowell criticized Zayn by indirectly comparing him with his former band members who are still close to the British entrepreneur despite pursuing their solo careers.

“I’m very close with some of them like Louis and Harry, but the great thing about those two is that we sit back and laugh about all of the crazy times we had.”

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