‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Maybe We Are Returning To Kalos After All, Reveals Pokemon’s Official Site

New evidence revealed on the official Japanese site for Pokemon Sun and Moon suggests players may actually be able to explore the Kalos region from Pokemon X and Y in addition to the Alola region in the new games.

To be specific, the size of the game file for Pokemon Sun and Moon was revealed to be 3.2 gigabytes; nearly double the 1.7 gigabytes taken up by Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon fans have been cautiously clamoring for a return to the Kalos region in Pokemon Sun and Moon since before the games were officially confirmed. After all, Pokemon X and Y left a lot of loose ends people thought would be tied up in the next games, and tying up those lose ends would probably necessitate a return to the region.

The loose ends were not just random plot holes, either. Instead, they were elements that specifically suggested Kalos would make a comeback in a future Pokemon game.

Maybe the most persuasive of those elements are the sundial in Pokemon X and Y‘s Anistar city and the girl standing near it that, when engaged by the player, says that “there are moon dials too.” Pokemon-themed YouTube content creator Birdkeeper Toby has an excellent video, embedded below, about this detail. If it’s not a specific indicator Kalos is directly connected to Pokemon Sun and Moon, I don’t know what is.

Of course, another very persuasive hint at a connection between Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Sun and Moon is the unused train station in Couriway town. A lady standing by the train tells that the train goes to a faraway region. The games never explained what she meant. According to Reddit user Eddie_Berto, Pokemon Sun and Moon contain a cave with a set of tracks that cannot yet be traveled along. Could those tracks connect to Couriway station at the other end?

There is also the question of Zygarde. It is a sixth-generation legendary Pokemon, but it is confirmed to play a major role in the storyline of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The relation does not just go one way, either. Dexio and Sina, the assistants to Professor Sycamore who were introduced in Pokemon X and Y, were shown in a recent Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal trailer to guide the player through the Alola region.

Finally, there’s AZ’s Floette, a storyline that was left gaping. It is different than the other Floettes populating Kalos — even the shiny ones. It also has a different moveset. Basically, it seems like an Alolan form if there ever was one. This acts as yet another link between Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The theory that Pokemon Sun and Moon would encompass both Alola and Kalos has since died down. Pokemon fans were quickly wowed by the sheer volume of new gameplay elements that began to be revealed after the titles were released, and the idea that a whole new region would be added on top of all that new content began to seem literally too good to be true.

Now that the huge file size of Pokemon Sun and Moon has been announced, however, the idea of revisiting Kalos in Sun and Moon has been given new life. Does the fact that the game file will take up nearly twice the digital space of its predecessor mean that there will be twice as many Pokemon-filled regions to explore, or does it just mean that the Alola region will be much more detailed than what Pokemon fans saw in X and Y?

And why shouldn’t it be the case? It is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, after all. They have made it clear that they want this year to be filled with pleasant surprises for Pokemon fans, and the return to another region, something that we have not seen in a Pokemon main series game since Heart Gold and Soul Silver, is one of the franchise’s most highly-praised innovations ever.

What do you think? Would you like to see the return of Kalos in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Do you think it will happen? Make yourself heard in the comments section below.

And as always – Train On, Pokemon fans!

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