'Logan' Teases An Aged Professor X In Third Wolverine Installment

While the X-Men franchise has taken a new direction, rebooting the story with a younger cast, there are still tales to be told with the previous X-Men cast. For proof of that, one needs to look no further than the latest in the Wolverine offshoot films. Logan, the third Wolverine film, has just been teased by director James Mangold. The Logan director shared a first look at Sir Patrick Stewart, who returns to once again play the iconic Professor Xavier, and the mere appearance of Professor X suggests that some Wolverine fan theories may have been correct.

The Third Wolverine Film Is Titled Logan, But He Won't Be Alone

Entertainment Weekly reveals that Logan will see the Wolverine regenerated in the year 2024, but he won't be the only hero from the past in this new era. Logan will be joined by his old friend, Stewart's Professor X. The phrase "old friend" is as apt a term as any, particularly after getting a glimpse of Patrick in full make-up, courtesy of Logan's director.

Mangold shared an image of Patrick as Professor X with his Twitter followers, also sharing the type of camera used and ending his caption with the initials of the photographer.

"Taken w/ Leica S 007 Summicron 100mm, ISO 3200 1/250 ƒ3.4 – by JM," tweeted the Logan director.

The image has made some rounds, retweeted by Hugh Jackman, who also captioned the image and called Stewart's character an "old friend," reinforcing the idea of an aged character.

"True, as are you," wrote Stewart in reply to Jackman. "But Logan will show us as so much more."

Adding to the anticipation, Patrick Stewart has since shared the Logan poster with his own followers.

"Standby and listen up. Logan. Out March 3," Stewart captioned the image.

Logan Details Begin To Emerge

There are still few details available about the third Wolverine movie, but The Wrap has pieced together what is known to begin to paint a cohesive picture of the film's plot. We already know that the film takes place in the future, 2024 to be exact, but it has also been shared that Logan will be darker than any previous film from either the Wolverine or the X-Men franchises.

The fan theory that the newly titled Logan would focus on an "old man Logan" theme has been confirmed and it seems this Logan of the future is much the worse for wear. He's bad off, having developed a severe drinking problem, and is at his weakest, as far as his powers are concerned. Even his regenerative abilities are fading.

Confirming reports made by The Wrap, Mangold recently tweeted a picture of the Logan script and remarked that the Wolverine character is "older" and that "it's clear his abilities aren't what they once were."

The Logan poster features the hand of a mutant girl and it has been revealed that Jackman's Wolverine character will take her under his wing, even as the government seeks to round up mutant youths for a program in which they try to train the mutants as assassins. As Logan begins to teach his protege, it's revealed that she's similar to Logan himself, except that she has only two claws instead of the three in each of Wolverine's hands.

As for Patrick Stewart's Logan role, it seems Professor X isn't any better off than Wolverine. He's old and weak with a mind as unreliable as the rest of his body, and very often, Professor X even has trouble remembering Logan at all. Stephen Merchant lays an Albino mutant by the name of Caliban. Together with Logan, Caliban tends to Professor X's needs.

Logan is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

[Featured Image by 20th Century Fox]