Sarah Jessica Parker Wants People To Stop Thinking Of Carrie Bradshaw As She Takes On New Role

While it’s been six years since Sex and the City closed its curtain, Sarah Jessica Parker still struggles to land a project where people won’t refer to her as Carrie Bradshaw. In a recent appearance on Good Morning America to promote her new show, Divorce, the 51-year-old was asked if her new role Frances is not a “Carrie Bradshaw all grown up.”

The Mirror reports that Parker claimed her new character is far from Carrie.

“No. I think it’s important that she not be Carrie Bradshaw. I got to play that character for 12 sublime years written by extraordinary writers and telling a very specific story.I wanted very much to find another woman who is equally as compelling, extremely different, complicated. Her life choices have been radically different than Carrie’s and I think it’s a story no less appealing though it’s very different.”

Nonetheless, Divorce is likewise filmed in New York although Parker described the new HBO series as a “less buoyant story about the city.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Divorce
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Parker played the role of Carrie in six Sex and the City seasons as well as two films. Another reason why fans might find it difficult to disassociate Parker from Carrie is that the actress is now a part of the Hogart publishing house on top of the things that occupy her time.

According to the New York Times, Parker is an editorial director whose responsibility is to source, edit, and publish up to four novels in a year. Parker previously expressed her excitement for the project because of her penchant for reading. “I have always loved to read for the same reason I love to act, which is that other people’s stories are more interesting to me than my own,” she revealed.

Fans of Sex and the City are still wondering if the cast will reunite for a new season of the well-loved HBO series. Parker renewed the fans’ hope in a recent interview with the Radio Times.

“For all of us to be together again and shoot on the streets of New York is a very nice idea. But no matter how much people may or may not want us to do it, we want to be considerate of that choice.”

She said that wherever they go, they will always be “honor-bound” to the women who not only spent for movie tickets but also supported the show for six years. Should there be a Sex and the City reunion, “it better be worth it again to ask for anybody’s time and money.”

Carrie Bradshaw SATC
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In another conversation with The Press Association just last month, Parker said that the possibility of a new Sex and the City project remains an “open question” because all cast members haven’t completely said “no.”

Last year, Parker raised the fans’ collective hope when she shared an Instagram photo about a new project.

“Well. I guess the cat’s out of the (little brown) bag. As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able. I’m under a strict gag order until then,” the caption read.

Many jumped into the conclusion that a Sex and the City reunion is finally happening. However, Parker’s secret actually pertained to Bloomingdale’s decision to carry her shoe line. She then apologized for her post and maintained that “there is nothing to say at all” about Sex and the City.

Parker has always been consistent whenever asked about her opinion for a reunion because she believes there is still a story to tell. For now, she just wants people to stop comparing all her other roles with the tutu-wearing writer.

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