Did Blake Shelton Betray Gwen Stefani By Meeting With His Ex Secretly?

Rumors have been steadily pouring out regarding the relationship and even soon-to-be marriage between Gwen Stefani and country crooner Blake Shelton. The two began a whirlwind romance in the later months of last year and quickly became one of the entertainment world’s hottest couples, but not without being ensnared in a few rumor webs.

Gwen and Blake were each enduring heartbreak and divorce when they found a shoulder to lean on in each other and quickly fell in love with one another. Gwen divorced her rocker husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale, and Shelton called it quits after a marriage to singer Miranda Lambert.

The couple has become the source of many rumors, as noted, including not only engagement and wedding rumors, but baby news rumors as well. However, there have been a few negative tales flying around about Gwen and Sheldon’s ex, Miranda, not seeing eye-to-eye and getting competitive with one another. One recent claim suggests that Gwen is feeling a bit miffed that her man would secretly meet up with Miranda and pour his heart out to her about his and Miranda’s bond and former relationship.

Radar Online shared words from a supposed source about the couple who stated that although charming Blake and gorgeous Gwen are planning a quick wedding, there has been a snag in the form of a secret meet up between Shelton and Lambert. He reportedly got cozy with his ex at the Nashville gala, while Stefani was thousands of miles away in Los Angeles, and while Lambert’s boyfriend, Anderson East, was also not in attendance at the event. The publication noted the source’s words about the meet up.

“Gwen has always been insecure and jealous over Blake’s womanizing ways, but she’s going to be crushed when she learns he and Miranda are getting chummy again.”

The worse part of the story is that Shelton lied to Stefani and said that “he avoided Miranda and didn’t speak to her,” during the event. Blake apparently cornered Lambert backstatge and then “complimented her on her newest song, ‘Vice’, said she looked amazing and asked to have a private word with her.”

The source went on to claim that Blake is still torn up about their split and is carrying around baggage from the way things ended.

“Blake said he’s been carrying around a ton of emotional baggage and guilt since they divorced last summer.

“He told her he regretted how their split became so nasty, and even suggested he wished their marriage could have worked out. He also told Miranda he misses her!”

The source continued to note that Stefani will take these alleged actions by Blake very hard, following such betrayal in her relationship with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. Gwen and Gavin were married for 13 years and share three sons together, but the “Sweet Escape” singer learned that the rocker had been cheating on her with their children’s former nanny, which led to a devastating demise of their marriage.

The 47-year-old found comfort in Blake Shelton when she joined the hit show The Voice as a co-judge. He became her rock during the trying time. Gwen spoke to Vanity Fair recently about her insecurities following her split from Rossdale and also shared how she found the courage to get up each day to make music.

“I was so scared and insecure and thought it was over for me. I think the hardest thing I did was to get out of bed and go to the studio.”

It became easier each day and Gwen has talked about the times spent in the studio being therapeutic. She made beauty out of her despair and also found the support she needed in Shelton. The rumor has yet to be verified.

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