‘Salem’ Teases More Death, Sex, And Magic

The long wait is almost over. Salem is returning in just a few weeks, and in anticipation of that premiere, WGN America has dropped a first look at Season 3 of Salem and it’s as dark and foreboding as fans have come to expect. The previous season of Salem left off with a finale that might have left fans wondering if a third season was even possible, but as the show picks up with Season 3, it seems there’s no shortage of material to keep the tale of witches vs. puritans as enthralling as any love spell cast by Mary Sibley (Janet Mongomery). Speaking of the most loved and feared witch of Salem, there’s news for those fearing Mary had met her maker in the Season 2 finale.

Salem Gives A Macabre And Haunting First Look

Things are not looking good for the people of Salem, as Blastr reveals in sharing a first look teaser with fans of the WGN America series. Coming in fresh from the devastation wrought by the end of the Season 2 finale, Salem opens up on a village completely destroyed, physically as well as in the hearts of the majority of Salem residents. Mirroring our present society, the people of Salem find themselves distrustful of nearly everyone outside their community, as well as being suspicious of some of their own residents.

The synopsis for Season 3 of Salem suggests that even the devil, who promised a heathen’s paradise, is as untrustworthy as the mortal leaders promising to deliver Salem unto a righteous path.

“The third season of Salem dawns with the triumph of the witches’ plan to remake the New World by bringing the devil to earth and making Salem his capital. But the devil is a liar, and instead of a New World free from murderous Puritan hypocrisy, his own plan will bring nothing but death and slavery with the ultimate aim of leading humanity to destroy itself. And there’s only one person on earth who can beat the devil — the very witch that birthed him, his mother, Mary Sibley. The only problem is — she’s dead. Or is she?”

Salem Hints That Wars Are Coming To The Village

Behold! The time to #PrayForSalem is nigh. Season 3 Premieres Halloween week, November 2nd.

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Yes, wars, as in more than one, are coming to Salem, as revealed in the first look released by WGN America. While International Business Times points out that John Alden (Shane West) agrees to head up a village militia in exchange for a pardon, assigned to do battle with the French, the nearby Native American tribes, and of course, more witches, those are hardly the only threats facing Salem.

Previously, John and Mary Sibley had failed to prevent the devil from taking root within their son’s body, so, as Season 3 of Salem opens up, Satan is alive and well in the village, posing the greatest threat of all. Even the witches of Salem were deceived by their Dark Lord, but they’re as helpless as the puritans in fighting off this new danger.

Only Mary Sibley is powerful enough to face off their new foe, but she’s dead. It seems obvious that Janet Montgomery’s Salem character must be resurrected, but by whom? Anne Hale, played by Tamzin Merchant, may be powerful enough for that, particularly with the way her strength as a witch seems to have multiplied since Season 2 of Salem left off.

There is just one problem.

“The question is, which witch will Anne become? The dark path or the light path,” says Salem actress Tamzin Merchant, posing a very curious plot point.

Or might Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) play a part in bringing Mary back from the dead?

With so much going on with Season 3 of Salem, it might be easy to miss a surprise guest role. The Salem first look teaser gives fans a glimpse at the village’s newest character, Thomas Dineley, who is described as a barber/surgeon. The character is to be played by Marilyn Manson.

“Most men die as they are born in agony,” says Manson in describing his Salem character. “My character is somewhere between a really bad hairstylist and someone who cuts people open for fun to see what’s in them. I take great pleasure in torment.”

Season 3 of Salem premieres on Wednesday, November 2, on WGN America.

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