Seattle Cat Lovers Enjoy Kitty Catfe, Cat Cafe Trend Is Spreading Across The Country

Seattle residents may be sad to learn that their pooches are not welcomed at Kitty Catfe, the newest cat cafe in Seattle and its probably about time too. People love their pups in dogtown. You’ll find that they are welcome in many local shops and many are allowed to “work” alongside their owners in the business sector. Some dogs don’t need to even walk as their owners carry them everywhere of push them in a stroller. And if you don’t want you pooch to get wet while they play, there are a few indoor dog parks as well. There is even one restaurant where dogs sit at tables and eat off plates. However, the Kitty Catfe plans to disrupt the status quo.

While you won’t be able to bring your own cat to the Kitty Catfe, you will be able to enjoy a beverage with some cat lap time. Located north of Seattle in Edmonds, Washington, the Kitty Catfe is a cat adoption center with plans to expand into a coffee house just as soon as the health department approves says the Everett Herald. Until then, the $5 admission charge gives guests a can of soda and all the cat attention one could want.

The Kitty Catfe opened in late September and sits next door to a cat and dog grooming salon, a doggy daycare center, a canine aquatic therapy center and the dog restaurant mentioned above. The Catfe is home to three cats with seven others available for adoption and serves as a partnership with Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Kristina Robinson spent a full year planning for the Kitty Catfe, which has become a family affair.

“My husband recently left his job to help. It’s a huge risk,” she said. “That’s how all businesses start. You have to have faith and determination they will succeed. If it doesn’t work, we’ll do something else. I used to bartend. There’s always a job for that. He is great with mechanics. You never know if you don’t try.”

Although a fairly new concept in Washington, cat cafes have been popping up all over the world. The very first opened in Asia and are very popular for those who either can’t afford to own their own pets or are not allowed to keep them in their apartments.

The Kitty Cafte isn’t even Seattle’s first. That distinction goes to Seattle Meowtropolitan in Wallingford, which opened last December. Seattle Meowtropolitan is a full service coffee shop, and each 50-minute stay includes one delicious beverage. However, don’t plan to bring your little ones here as the lounge is only open to children who are 8-years-old or older. Meowtopolitan may also be the only shop in the country to offer “Yoga With Cats” classes. One hour long classes are $20 and are offered about once a week.

Though the Kitty Catfe doesn’t have a website yet, you’ll find them at 9697 Firdale Ave. in Edmonds. Seattle Meowtropolitan is located at 1225 N 45th St. Seattle, Washington 98103. Both are closed on Mondays.

The First Cat Café

Oakland, California’s Cat Town was the first cat café to open in the United States. It began as a foster-based program in 2011. In 2014, it opened the Cat Town Café. Cat Town has been able to reduce the euthanasia rate for cats from the Oakland shelter from 42 percent to just 10 percent with hopes of reach zero percent soon. So far this year, Cat Town as adopted out 225 cats. The entry fee here is a $5 walk-in rate as space allows. Guests are encouraged to reserve a one-hour stay for $10 on the weekends. It is open Wednesday through Sunday, and is located at 2869 Broadway in Oakland.

Cat Town Cafe
Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California. (Image by Eric Risberg/AP Photo)

Other Café Cafes Across the Country

If you are still not convinced that the cat café craze is going to stick around, you might want to think again. Last year, Eater created a list of 24 different cat cafes in North America from sea to shining sea.

[Featured Image by Eric Risberg/AP Photo]