Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie News: Brad Reunited With Children For First Time Since Angelina Filed For Divorce

Brad Pitt’s fury over the separation from his children had been well under control. Now Brad and his children are together again after the tortuous separation he went through because of Angelina Jolie’s accusations. Scroll down for more on the visit!

In case you missed it, after filing for divorce, Angelina pretty much took the kids and ran, accusing Brad of being verbally abusive and said that he got physical with their son Maddox while the whole family were together on their private plane.

After Angelina and Brad’s divorce was filed, Pitt was even being investigated the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services, and although that investigation is ongoing, Brad’s been allowed to have his children back in his arms for a brief visit.


Angelina wouldn’t let Brad see his children at all since she filed for divorce, and Hollywood Life reports that because Brad didn’t want to cause any more stress to his kids, he also allegedly made the decision to keep his distance until he could prove he was innocent of any abuse.

This was a big day for Brad. A source close to Pitt and Jolie told People that he finally got to spend a bit of time with the six children. It’s the first time that Pitt, 52, has seen the children since September 19. That’s a long time for a dad to be separated from his children. The Pitt insider said the visit was wonderful.

“Brad has spent some wonderful time with children recently,”


Many of Brad’s friends came forward to defend the actor, insisting that there was no way he would ever treat his children badly. Another Pitt insider said that Brad would do whatever it takes to be with them, including waiting for things to clear up.

“Brad loves his children more than anything in this world, and they matter more than anything else to him. He will do whatever it takes to be with them, now and always.”

It looks like he made a great decision to let Angie have her way for the past weeks since the divorce filing, although there’s no word on when Brad will get to spend more time with the children.

Jolie and Pitt have a temporary custody plan, approved by the Department of Child and Family Services. One requirement is that when Brad is with his children, there has to be a therapist present as well. The therapist will keep an eye on how Brad treats the children and will make a decision about further visits.


The plan ends on October 20, and that’s when Brad will find out whether he gets to be alone with his children and start being a dad again, or whether the DCFS believes he might be a threat to their safety.

In the meantime, the whole family will be in therapy. Pitt and Jolie will go individually, and they will both participate at different times in sessions with the children.

Pitt is also required to be tested for drugs and alcohol, since Angelina was really worried that his substance abuse problems have gotten out of hand.

While the children are living separately from their dad, they have another guy around playing father to them, and that seems to be okay with Brad. According to Us Weekly Magazine, Angelina’s big brother, James Haven, has moved in to be “manny to the couple’s six children at their temporary home in Malibu,” and that’s really helping everyone through the Jolie-Pitt divorce.

An Angelina insider said that the kids already think of him as uncle, and Haven has been getting more involved with them since June.

“He took on a more active daily role in June. The kids call him ‘Uncle James.'”

As far as Brad is concerned, there couldn’t be a better man to fill his shoes, although he still wants to be dad to the Jolie-Pitt children again as soon as possible.


“Brad thinks highly of James. He’s always been incredible to the kids and is welcome in his home.”

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