Deny, Deny, Deny: Ryan O’Neal Says Drugs Weren’t His

David O’Neal has hit back at all the drug rumors after his arrest and has claimed (through his attorney) that the drugs found in his home were not his. Sigh:

“Those were not Ryan’s drugs, he doesn’t use drugs, and has nothing to do with them. It’s a dangerous assumption for deputies to have arrested Ryan just because he was in proximity to the drugs.”

After presenting his statement, David’s attorney did not explain how the methamphetamines appeared in Ryan’s bedroom, but he did promise that he “will be fully vindicated.”

What about son Redmond, who was arrested at the same time? I guess it’s embarrassing to go there right now, or he’s too busy dealing with the consequences of a potentially royal f-up. Redmond did talk to X17 a tad, but mostly to tell people to leave him alone.