Khloe Kardashian Breaks Silence With Online Video After Kim Kardashian Robbed In Paris

Reality television star Khloe Kardashian has recently broken her silence following the scare that sister Kim Kardashian had when she was robbed in Paris. The two sisters, who have appeared on various E! reality shows including Keeping Up With the Kardashians, are known for their social media presence. It was no surprise that Khloe chose to use that venue to finally speak, even if it wasn’t necessarily about the incident.

According to Daily Mail of the UK, Khloe took to social media Thursday to post a video. It was the first time Kim’s sister really said or did much of anything since the robbery occurred in France. Rather than mentioning the actual robbery incident, Khloe was back to self-promotion. She posted a brand new video to help promote the launch of her label called Good American.

As Hollywood Life reported on Thursday, Good American will officially launch on October 18. The denim brand is specifically marketed towards curvy girls. Khloe later followed that with another post to proudly announce that Jordyn Woods would be connected with the brand. As mentioned, these were the first social media posts from Khloe in six days time, seemingly to distance them from the incident her sister went through. Just a week ago, she had posted a photo of her two sisters sitting at an event.

Earlier this week, Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian was tied up and robbed by several masked men in Paris. Reportedly, the armed gunmen took off with more than $10 million in jewelry during the robbery. Also, two smartphones were said to be taken from Kardashian. The gunmen apparently forced their way to her hotel room after handcuffing a concierge and making him lead them to the room Kim K was staying in. She was then tied up, and the men made off with various items totaling over $10 million. Those men are still being hunted by the authorities investigating the incident.

Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week event in 2016
Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week event in 2016. [Image by Getty Images]

Kardashian had been in France to attend fashion shows for Paris Fashion Week. Early Monday morning she boarded a private plane to head back home. The robbery incident also caused her husband, hip-hop star Kanye West, to immediately stop and cancel a performance he was doing at the Meadows Music and Arts Festival in New York City.

Since the incident took place, new footage has become available, according to US Magazine. Apparently, the authorities recovered surveillance camera footage from a store across the street. Paris police are now on the hunt for a blacked-out limo that was spotted circling the building that Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in. There were also reports that Kim K was followed in a gray Fiat 500 before the robbery occurred. Police are continuing their investigation and attempting to determine if the heist was a possible “inside job” as well.

Khloe and Kim Kardashian at NBC Universal Cable event
Khloe and Kim Kardashian have over 100 million followers on just Instagram. [Photo by Getty Images]

A lot of commotion has been made over the fact such a high-profile celebrity was robbed. It has led to some individuals questioning how much celebs flaunt their material possessions online via social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. As TMZ reported, it also appears the scare is causing Kim K to reconsider how she does things. The celeb will apparently take a month off from work to reevaluate her online presence.

Kardashian has been said by many to have first become famous due to a leaked sex tape that involved singer Ray J. Once the video footage became more and more viral, the daughter of former attorney Robert Kardashian, gained more fame and wealth. She built up her social media presence and has not only starred on reality TV shows, but also is an entrepreneur, model, and spokesperson for various endorsers.

Khloe and her other sister Kourtney have both been able to ride Kim’s coattails to become famous. The two have been a major part of the various reality television shows, even getting their own spin-offs. Khloe has also been known for dating several NBA stars including James Harden, Lamar Odom, and most recently Tristan Thompson. Khloe has an Instagram account with over 57 million followers. That’s about 27 million less than her sister Kim’s, showing just how large a reach they have online.

It seems that the latest scare will serve as a major cautionary lesson not only for the Kardashians but for all social media users in general: Always be careful with what you’re posting or how much you’re posting on those fun and easy-to-use social media platforms.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]