Tom Sandoval Takes Political Stand On Twitter: His Followers Are Clearly Not Happy!

Tom Sandoval hasn’t been very vocal when it comes to politics. While he will gladly share his band’s music or some pictures from his modeling career, he’s managed to keep the peace by avoiding any controversial topics. Sandoval rarely talks about Vanderpump Rules drama, even when Kristen Doute was caught cheating on him twice with his friend, Jax Taylor. But the times of calm have come to an end as Sandoval made a comment about his political views. And it sounds like some of his followers do not agree with him.

According to a new tweet, Tom Sandoval broke his silence about the Presidential election, and he replied to a tweet that sounded like a defense of Hillary Clinton. Of course, many celebrities have already pledged their allegiance to Hillary Clinton, using the hashtag #ImWithHer. And the support of Hillary only grew after the recent Presidential debate, as people started seeing Donald Trump’s continuous denials of what he had previously said.

“Why does Clinton need 3 salaries? 1. From secretary of state. 2. The Clinton foundation and 3. As Senator,” one person wrote on Twitter. Tom Sandoval got involved, writing back, “I assume it’s bc she is doing 3 jobs. U can check out her tax returns to see what she’s making vs cost of average election campaign?”

One could argue that Tom Sandoval wasn’t taking a political stance in his tweet. Maybe, he was just trying to clarify why Clinton had three salaries. But he does bring up a good point. People can check her tax returns, which they can’t do with Trump. It’s one thing that they don’t like what they see, but it’s another when you look at how secretive Trump has been with his own tax returns. Even though Tom Sandoval may have had good intentions with his comment, it sounds like people don’t respect his position.


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“Dude…stick to slinging booze. We saw how u handled that opp that was in your lap w LVP. Well dun,” wrote one person, who was clearly not a fan of Hillary Clinton, while another added, “she donated millions to her foundation, that she takes a tax deduction to. Smh.”

“From the taxpayers u mean. Clintons done absolutely zip 4 Americans, except lying her ass off,” another person wrote, sharing a similar sentiment.

It sounds like Tom Sandoval has plenty of followers who are clearly not fans of Hillary. In fact, the majority of people who replied to his comment seem to have a dislike for Clinton. And their primary concern about Hillary being elected is the whole email issue and her foundation funds. The issue of foundations came up during the Vice Presidential debate this week, which was a debate that Tom Sandoval might not have seen.

Maybe, the election isn’t something that Tom is focusing on these days. The newest season of Vanderpump Rules is getting ready to air, and he might be busy with his work, promotional work, and his co-stars. Surely, he would use his right to vote as he is tweeting about the current political battle, but it sounds like he might be keeping his opinions to himself since it is clearly a sensitive issue with his followers. From now on, Sandoval might be keeping his political opinions to himself like his co-stars on Vanderpump Rules.

What do you think of Tom Sandoval’s tweet? Do you think he was just trying to clear up a comment about the possible future leader of the country or do you think he was taking a political stand on his social media?

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