‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: New HOH Crowned, ‘BBOTT’ Week 2 Target Decided, And America’s Care Package Voting Open

Big Brother: Over the Top had an exciting first eviction ceremony last night and to Kryssie Ridolfi’s surprise, Cornbread was evicted from the BBOTT house. By the look on her face, she seemed to believe that it was her time to go. A new Head of Household (HOH) was crowned, which sent panic throughout the house as the players worried who could be the new targets for Week 2. Big Brother: Over the Top host Julie Chen announced that the voting for America’s Care Package (ACP) was open, and explained the rules of the game advantage. So, who won the HOH competition for Week 2?

The Week 2 HOH competition was a tough one. The Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests had to hold a sword-looking object pinned against a picture of their face for as long as possible. Big Brother Network reported that after an hour into the competition, they were only able to use one hand to hold the sword. The last man (or woman) standing would win the competition for the week.

The BBOTT competition lasted almost three hours. In the end, Alex Willett was crowned the new HOH and will be faced with the difficult task of putting two people on the block on Saturday.


Immediately after Alex’s HOH win, Jason Roy panicked that he would be put on the block, Online Big Brother reported. He believed that she was going to nominate him because she seems to be playing Monte Massongill’s game. After listening to her talk about her Big Brother targets, she barely mentioned Jason’s name as a possible nomination. There seem to be bigger threats to go after this week. For now, the fan favorite seems to be relatively safe.

“I am an easy target because I am a returning player. I am expecting to go back on the block.”

Morgan Willett and Alex quickly talk about the different scenarios that could happen during Week 2. They begin to wonder if they can trust Monte, especially if Shane Chapman stayed in the house. Alex suspects that if Monte won the Power of Veto (POV), he would take Shane off the block.

“If we get Shane out Monte has no choice than to work with us.”

Big Brother: Over the Top live feed spoilers indicate that Alex and Morgan both agreed that they can trust Monte the most, but worry that he’s so close to Shane. The plan right now is to put Shane and Danielle Lickey on the block. Danielle had to go on the block too, so she wouldn’t use the POV to save Shane — she would have to save herself. The plan is solid, but they still worry that Monte would save Shane if it came down to it.


Monte explained that he wants Justin Duncan out of the game. He told Alex that “he wants Justin out of the game this week.” He said, “he’s tired of him degrading women in the Big Brother house.” Alex’s biggest worry is when he discovers that she plans to target Shane that he will work against her and save his pal with the POV. Her fear is a valid one, but Morgan believes that they can get Monte to work with them to get Shane out of the Big Brother house. The question seems to be, if they put Shane on the block, they could lose Monte’s trust and he may turn against them. They still have time to think about who to put on the chopping block since there is still two days until the first safety ceremony.

Big Brother: Over the Top fans, it’s time for America’s Care Package voting to begin. This week’s advantage is “Save-a-Friend” which lets the recipient rescue one of the houseguests from eviction. It doesn’t state that the winner of the ACP would also be safe, only the person they select for safety.


“This care package gives the winner the power to keep one of their housemates safe from eviction during Week 2.”

Voting for America’s Care Package ends on Friday, October 7, at 12/1 p.m. CST. Big Brother: Over the Top fans, who do you think Alex will nominate for eviction for Week 2?

Big Brother: Over the Top airs Wednesday nights at 10/11 p.m. CST airing on CBS All Access.

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