WWE Rumors: Superstar Retiring From WWE After No Mercy To Pursue Comedy And Politics?

In the professional wrestling world, WWE rumors always need to be taken with a grain of salt. That’s because there’s a lot of sources reporting possible news but nothing concrete. The latest WWE rumors that have been flying around are all about Dolph Ziggler retiring from the company. It appears that could be a strong possibility based on many sources and reports, but there’s nothing official yet. However, based on some other endeavors that he seems to be pursuing, the possibility becomes stronger he’ll be leaving after Sunday’s pay-per-view.

According to Wrestling Inc, Ziggler may retire from the ring since he has been more focused on doing stand-up comedy gigs and also appearing as a political analyst or guest on Fox Business. Several clips are circulating on YouTube of Ziggler appearing on Fox Business, including one in which he comments on the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ziggler even assisted the channel’s Lisa Kennedy in putting together an article comparing the presidential race to pro wrestling.

The 36-year-old is also doing his own stand-up comedy routines and has even guest starred in a Comedy Central segment. Ironically, that sketch pokes fun at pro wrestling being fake or real. Ziggler pops out of a wrestling match on a TV in a bar to school one of the patrons who calls wrestling fake.

All that said, it appears that Dolph Ziggler has his options lined up for an exit from professional wrestling. It’s interesting to compare his possible departure to a few other former superstars who also grace the ring with their presence here or there. They include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Dave Bautista.

Both of these stars have seemingly transitioned to the entertainment worlds, with each embarking on different projects. Batista has starred in several movies including Guardians of the Galaxy and its upcoming sequel. The Rock has starred in a wide variety of Hollywood blockbusters and television shows including the series Ballers on HBO.

WWE star John Cena at 2016 Teen Choice Awards as host
John Cena on stage as co-host of Teen Choice Awards. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

John Cena has also been doing various jobs in addition to wrestling, including being a guest star in a popular Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck. Ironically, Ziggler formerly dated Schumer and may very well have some comedy connections through her. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him in some movies as he seems to have that look for acting. He may even become bigger than The Miz in “real life.”

The rumors that Ziggler will leave became stronger based on the type of match he will compete in at Sunday’s No Mercy pay-per-view. Dolph Ziggler will take on The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship in a career vs. title match. If Ziggler fails to win the belt from Miz, it means he must retire from the WWE. It gives him an out from the company while also building up his heel opponent.


There’s also been some talk of Ziggler moving into a role backstage with the WWE, possibly assisting with creative details or helping superstars get established in the ring. Then there are those rumors that Dolph will simply take some time off, do his thing, and come back in a new role. There had been speculation that he’ll be leading a new heel stable that consists of former collegiate athletes.

It’s all possible actually. Based on the success that superstars like The Rock or John Cena are enjoying outside the ring as well as in it, it shows there is an ability to balance various endeavors. In the case of Ziggler, he may actually become bigger outside of the ring than he was inside it. The knock on Dolph lately has been how lost he has been in WWE’s plans.

WWE rumors of Dolph Ziggler in ring with The Miz and Maryse
Dolph Ziggler faces The Miz at No Mercy 2016 with his career on the line. [Image by WWE.com]

Right now, a change may be needed, and having Ziggler lose on Sunday seems to be the best way to do that. It would enable him to reboot himself, recharge, recollect and pursue those other passions. On the flip side, he probably will always have that door open to return to the wrestling ring in some capacity. Still, he’s achieved quite a bit in a short time with WWE, so maybe taking advantage of the opportunities in front of him now makes plenty of sense. Don’t be surprised to see “The Show Off” calling it quits after Sunday — for now that is.

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