‘EVE: Valkyrie’ PlayStation VR Gets A Launch Trailer, Joint Strike Update Hits October 7

EVE: Valkyrie, one of the most anticipated games to hit PlayStation VR this fall, just released their launch trailer for the game, and it definitely sets the mood for any PlayStation fan eager to strap into the cockpit of their ship and dogfight with other pilots.

EVE: Valkyrie has the player taking the role of an elite space fighter pilot who has become immortal, thanks to the skill Ran Kavik, leader of the Valkyrie. You pit your skills up against other pilots as you fight for “wealth, supremacy and notoriety.” Currently available on PC using the Oculus Rift VR headset, EVE: Valkyrie brings the EVE universe to the PlayStation once again, having been there before with CCP’s prior console release on PlayStation 3, EVE: Dust 514.

EVE: Valkyrie features both a single-player PVE mode as well as competitive multiplayer, allowing consumers the ability to practice against AI before taking their skills online against other, real-life combatants. Additionally, thanks to the game using VR, players should be immersed fully in the experience, giving the user full 360-degree visuals that are generated by your head-mounted display.

Dogfighting sims always seem to do well in VR, and EVE: Valkyrie aims to show that it can be brought to bear on console hardware. Additionally, the trailer highlights the upcoming release of Joint Strike for Oculus users. This gives PC and PlayStation VR users the ability to cross-play. Additionally, the Joint Strike update gives Valkyrie players a new co-op game mode, allowing players to join a squad and face off against an AI team balanced to the skills of your own team.

Also coming to the game with the Joint Strike update are new paint jobs and decals to customize your ship, a new training mode allowing you to test your skills against AI pilots, daily challenges, and more. Check out the official patch notes on the EVE: Valkyrie website for more detailed info.

PlayStation VR reviews have started to hit, and for the most part, the console excursion into VR has reviewed favorably. The unit is lauded as the most comfortable headset to date, even more so than the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. However, many reviewers have complained about tracking, especially when the player’s back is to the PlayStation Eye Camera and the Move controllers aren’t entirely visible. UploadVR’s David Jagneaux made mention that the camera is “dated,” and it ultimately was losing track of him.

“Ultimately, it gets the job done for the most part, but is a far cry from the Vive’s lighthouse base stations, or even the Rift’s tracking cameras. Simply put, the PlayStation Camera is dated and likely wasn’t created necessarily with VR in mind. After an hour or two of play, I noticed my orientation started to ‘drift’ to one side, causing me to slowly shift my seating position. After removing my headset, I noticed I was facing at an approximate 25-degree or so angle to the left of where the camera actually was located. It’s like the entire VR experience was slowly shifting over-time.”

Thankfully, EVE: Valkyrie isn’t a game that is going to require its user to get up and down and move about the living room in order to play the game. But since the camera does use the LEDs on the top of the headset to track movement and placement, it’s important to note that you should keep a clear line of sight when playing so there aren’t any hiccups when looking around your virtual cockpit.

EVE: Valkyrie hits store shelves on October 13. As of now, EVE: Valkyrie is a VR-only title across both the PC and PlayStation 4.

[Featured Image by CCP Games]