Chelsea Houska Wedding: Is She Regretting Telling ‘Teen Mom’ Fans About Nuptials?

Chelsea Houska decided to get married to Cole DeBoer on October 1 this year, and she announced the news with a beautiful picture on social media. Fans knew that she was getting married this October, but they didn’t realize that it was on the first day of the month. To share the exciting news, Chelsea decided to share a picture from their wedding, which clearly showed a beautiful bride and a loving husband. But Teen Mom fans quickly wanted more, and some were so aggressive that Houska started questioning why she was sharing such news with her followers.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska has been open and honest about her plans to get married. Fans of the Teen Mom star knows that she wanted to get married in a private ceremony and she didn’t want the MTV cameras around. Unlike some of her co-stars, Houska wanted her wedding to be an intimate affair between her and Cole DeBoer. Even little Aubree was a part of the wedding. But she didn’t want MTV to capture the event, and she had been vocal about this for months.

“How many times does she hafta say she’s NOT letting MTV film it before ppl believe her?!? I don’t get it,” one person wrote in defense of Chelsea Houska, while another added, “that’s what im saying. She didn’t film her actual wedding. I don’t recall her saying anything about a reception.”

“There will be no filming at our reception next year. Lawwwwd. Why are people so crazy about this? It’s simple,” Chelsea Houska announced on Twitter, sharing that Teen Mom fans and the MTV crew won’t be a huge part of the wedding or the reception next year.

Right now, they are a part of it by Chelsea sharing pictures from the event. Houska doesn’t have to share anything with her fans, and she technically doesn’t have to share anything with anyone, especially if she doesn’t want to. But Houska revealed that they have plans to celebrate the wedding and have a big reception next year when their baby arrives. They want their child to be a part of the wedding, so they are having their wedding in two parts. And it sounds like MTV won’t be invited to this one either, as they want it to be an intimate affair.


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“Once our baby is here and able to be a part of it, we will have our big wedding ceremony and reception with our friends/extended family,” Chelsea Houska added in a separate tweet, trying to explain her plans for their future reception, to which one person clearly didn’t understand her reasoning.

“Girl?? Why? you will cherish the small ceremony so much more! Just have a reception!” the follower wrote to Houska, who revealed, “I think that’s what we’re doing. I shouldn’t have even said anything, people jump on it when we aren’t sure of exact plan.”

It makes sense that Houska is regretting sharing information with her fans if they are so critical of everything she does. Chelsea has also said that she looks forward to a life without Teen Mom and she knows that the show will come to an end one day. Now that Aubree is growing up fast and she’s about to have a second child in her life, she may be thinking differently about her life. Plus, Cole isn’t necessarily comfortable filming Teen Mom all the time, so don’t be surprised if they leave the show in the next few years.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska keeping her wedding private? Do you understand her decision or are you disappointed that you won’t be able to see anything from her big day?

[Featured Image by Chelsea Houska/Instagram]