NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Close To Acquiring Michael Carter-Williams From Milwaukee Bucks

Michael Carter-Williams could be headed to the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to one of the NBA rumors being circulated by Sportsrageous, the Lakers are interested in acquiring the versatile point guard from the Milwaukee Bucks. Going back to the Bucks in this NBA trade rumor would be guard Lou Williams and a second round pick.

On paper, this seems like an even trade for both the Lakers and Bucks. The Lakers would get a player with a couple of star qualities in Michael Carter-Williams. In turn, they would be giving up a productive Lou Williams just one year into his four-year deal with the team. In the end it sounds like a deal with two teams who are looking to make a change for the sake of change.

Michael Carter-Williams has been a disappointment since the Bucks traded for him, as reported by ESPN in 2015. The Bucks originally felt as if they found a guard in the image of their head coach, Jason Kidd. Carter-Williams has never truly fit with the Bucks. Living up to the expectations may be the problem here.

Instead of getting the second coming of Jason Kidd, they wound up getting was a player who needed a little bit of work on his control and decision. Over a year has passed with little results. So far the Bucks three-team trade with the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns has backfired and they want a do over.

Michael Carter-Williams
Michael Carter-Williams, being guarded by D'Angelo Russell, is the subject to a couple of NBA rumors. One of those rumors has him joining forces with Russell on the Los Angeles Lakers. [Image by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]

Trading Carter-Williams to the Lakers does not qualify as a do over. Maybe Michael Carter-Williams gets the new lease on life with the Lakers, but that is as far as it goes. While the Bucks would get a second round draft pick in the rumored deal, it just seems as if the Bucks just want to move on without Carter-Williams on the team.

More evidence of the Los Angeles Lakers having an interest in Michael Carter-Williams comes in the form of another one of the NBA rumors generating some steam. A report has confirmed that the Lakers and Bucks have discussed a Carter-Williams and Nick Young swap.

It is most likely that if this deal were to take place, the Los Angeles Lakers will include a second round pick also.

It was reported by CBS Sports that the Lakers will consider reaching a buyout for Young if they cannot trade him. The Bucks would be doing the Lakers a favor by taking on Young's contract. Because of how the Bucks are set up with their roster, they could use a shooter like Nick Young. The Lakers can obviously use Michael Carter-Williams. There is not a true point guard on the Lakers' roster.

D'Angelo Russell is not a natural point guard. He is more of a shoot-first guard with an emerging outside game. The Lakers' Jordan Clarkson is a similar player. Adding Michael Carter-Williams gives the Lakers what they lack -- a true point guard.

Carter-Williams flourished as the lead guard for the 76ers. The Bucks were hoping to get the same Michael Carter-Williams who averaged 16.7 points, 6.3 assists, and 6.2 rebounds as a rookie with the 76ers. The Lakers would hope for that Philadelphia version of the 6-foot-6 guard, but they will settle for the player who struggled with the Bucks.

Michael Carter-Williams could give the Los Angeles Lakers the natural point guard they lack. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]

Last season, the Lakers were ranked last in per game and efficient field goal percentage. Sharing the basketball was not the thing that the Lakers cared to do last season. Some of that can be blamed on the retirement of Kobe Bryant, but Bryant did miss games and the Lakers still struggled with playing nice with each other.

How bad was it for the Lakers? Consider the idea that Chicago Bulls' point guard Rajon Rondo averaged a league-high 11.7 dimes by himself. The Lakers collected 14.1 assists as a team.

If the Lakers were to add Michael Carter-Williams that could change incrementally. He could give the Lakers a director for their offense, while throwing in some defense. The Lakers also would get younger.

Carter-Williams is set to turn 25-years-old in a couple of days, therefore he fits in with what the Lakers are trying to build.

The chances of the Los Angeles Lakers acquiring Michael Carter-Williams from the Milwaukee Bucks are about 55 percent. If it is to happen, if the Lakers trade for him, look for the second of the two NBA rumors to happen. Nick Young is a good fit for what the Bucks need, whereas Lou Williams does not offer enough salary flexibility going forward.

Meanwhile, the Lakers trading for Michael Carter-Williams allows the Bucks to get somewhat of a fresh start. Stay tuned. The Los Angeles Lakers can act fast on this trade.

[Featured Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]