Kanye West Wanted By Police For Kim Kardashian’s $11.2 Million Jewelry Robbery Insurance Scam? ‘Nah Fam,’ Say Fans [Hoax]

There is an incredible article floating around, getting plenty of attention online, claiming that Kanye West is wanted for questioning by Paris police in connection with the robbery of Kim Kardashian-West recently in Paris. When five armed robbers entered Kim’s Paris abode and bound and gagged the reality TV star, Kardashian-West reportedly begged for her life.

As seen in the below CNN segment, Kardashian’s ex-bodyguard — Steve Stanulis — noted that the likelihood is high that the robbery of Kardashian-West pointed to an inside job. Steve explained that Kim’s robbery had all the hallmarks of a theft that took place at the hands of people who knew exactly when Kim would be alone in her Paris home without a bodyguard — and with more than $11.2 million in jewelry available for the taking.

As a result of the murmurings about Kim’s robbery being an “inside job,” an article has surfaced that claims Kanye has been called back to Paris to answer questions that police have about Kardashian-West’s robbery.

“Kanye West is wanted for questioning by police as a suspect in the Paris robbery case after more evidence has emerged suggesting the jewelry theft was an ‘inside job.’ Police believe somebody close to Kim Kardashian helped tip off the thieves and Kanye West, though performing at Meadows Festival in New York at the time, has been summoned to the French capital for questioning.”

According to Trendolizer, the article gained quite a big reaction on social media, as seen in the below graph.

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According to the Anonymous Facebook page, in a post with the wordBusted” written above Kanye’s photo, the article has gained more than 27,000 reactions on Facebook.

The article goes on to say that Kanye has “been evasive,” according to a Paris police source — and won’t pin down a date for speaking with police.

Whereas Snopes has not tackled this rumor about West yet — as of this writing — Kanye’s fans might have a hard time believing that West would set up his own wife for such a robbery, especially amid reports that Kardashian-West was terrified and begged for her life.

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Whether Kim was in on the so-called robbery setup for an insurance scam is another angle being explored, especially in the midst of Kanye previously writing on social media about his large debts owed.

The article goes on to claim that France has an extradition treaty with the U.S., which could mean bad news for Kanye. If evidence becomes clear that Kanye was involved in any manner with the robbery for insurance scamming purposes, Kanye could feel the heat to return to Paris to speak with police, claims the article. It goes on to note Kim’s former bodyguard calling the event either a robbery or big publicity stunt.

As seen in the Daily Mail, Kanye and Kim emerged from their New York apartment, each holding one child.

People are questioning why Kim would have such an expensive booty of jewelry with her, without having security present. They are also questioning why Kardashian-West would show off so much of her expensive jewelry and give a play-by-play of her life and whereabouts on Snapchat.

However, fans of Kanye and Kim are questioning the whole insurance scam theory — with folks being genuinely concerned for the welfare of the family.

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A sampling of the social media comments that the article about Kanye allegedly being wanted by Paris police is receiving can be read below.

“I said that this jewelry heist would come back to Kanye West when the truth came out! He has been talking about being millions in debt? Kim could walk away from Kanye if she ever believes he set this thing up. Who knows maybe Kim knew all about it too?”

“Maybe he was the one dressed like a cop that stole Kim’s jewels.”

“He was just begging for $50M a couple months ago.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if greedy Kanye and Kim who only earns the easy way had something to do with this!!”

“This is so fake lol; most of the rap shared by this page is fake anyways so whatever.”

“But he ran off the stage….”

“Why would he go to all this trouble when al he needs to do is sell their jewelry.”

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