Nanny Cam Captures Lexington Woman Abusing 4-Year-Old Boy With Special Needs

A nanny cam captured the horrifying moment a woman, Lillian D. White, 56, of Lexington, Kentucky, physically and verbally abused a 4-year-old boy with special needs, according to WTVQ.

In June of this year, White — who worked for a home health care service — was hired to care for Luke Fields, who would need constant care as he suffered from Down syndrome, heart defects, and epilepsy, every Friday.

Just shortly after White began working with the family, the boy’s mother, Tiffany Fields, said she noticed some changes in her son’s behavior, which prompted her to install nanny cams in her home. When Tiffany watched the footage, she made a shocking discovery.


The family’s attorney, Dale Golden, stated, “Once she looked at it, to her shock, she saw that her child was not only being physically abused but also verbally abused. In this situation, the family is in shock and they’re currently seeking the advice of medical personnel as to the extent of any injuries that Luke may have suffered.”

Footage from the nanny cam showed White sitting on top of the special needs boy with her buttocks in his face as she changed his diaper, saying, “You’re not going to kick me because I’m sitting on top of you.”

At one point, the nanny could be seen dragging the boy on the floor while saying, “You little s**t. This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it my way.”

She then flipped him over as she struggled to get the boy under control.

The nanny can also be heard using foul language toward the child, who sustained bruises on his arm after the incident and “has been having more seizures and is needing to be monitored more frequently by doctors.”

All Luke could do was cry as the nanny allegedly abused him when she was supposed to be caring for him.

The boy’s mother handed the footage of the nanny abusing her special needs son over to police on Friday, September 30.

White was arrested Monday night at her home on charges of second-degree criminal abuse, according to LEX 18.

After Caretenders, where White worked, learned that one of their employees was allegedly caught on a nanny cam abusing a special needs boy, they released the following statement.

“At Caretenders, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our patients. Yesterday, White, an employee, was charged with allegations of abuse.

“The company learned of the allegations against Ms. White only a few hours before her arrest. We take these allegations very seriously, and are taking prompt steps to address the matter.”

When the footage of the nanny cam was released to the public, it shocked the Lexington community, including social media users, who have stated that child abuse such as this is the sole reason why they are reluctant to hire nannies.

“This is one reason why I am a stay at home mom,” wrote Jessica C. James on Facebook.


Angela Cardin, of Pascoag, Rhode Island, who works as a nanny, also wrote a comment on Facebook, stating, “As a nanny myself, it makes me sick to see stories like these. If you don’t love your job, find a new one. It is never okay to abuse a child mentally or physically.”

“I also encourage families I work for to put in nanny cams and anything else that will give them the peace of mind knowing their child is safe in my care. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Makes me sad that there are people out there that make the rest of us kind, caring loving nannies look bad.”

White appeared in court Tuesday with her attorney and pleaded not guilty. Despite her plea, the judge ordered the nanny “not to have any contact with the child or his family.”

The nanny has since been released from the county jail after posting $5,000 bail. White is scheduled to make another court appearance October 13 for a preliminary hearing.

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