Stassi Schroeder Defends Kim Kardashian: Gets Accused Of Being A Shallow Person

Stassi Schroeder is back on another season of Vanderpump Rules despite saying that she wanted to distance herself from SUR and the cast. It’s no secret that she has fought with Lisa Vanderpump in the past, and their awkward conversation was captured for Vanderpump Rules. Secrets were revealed, and fans learned that Lisa Vanderpump had actually paid a guy to not release a sex tape he had of Stassi. The price wasn’t high, but it was a matter of principle. Lisa just wanted thanks for her decision to help out Schroeder, but Stassi didn’t think it was a big deal.

According to a new tweet, Stassi Schroeder is now using her platform from Vanderpump Rules to speak out about various issues, including Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery experience in Paris. Many celebrities have expressed their support to Kim, who was supposedly held at gunpoint in Paris during a robbery. Reports reveal that five masked men stormed the hotel where she was staying after the doorman let them in. She was then held at gunpoint, begged for her life and lost millions of dollars in jewelry.

“I love a joke, but making light of what happened to Kim Kardashian makes me uncomfortable. I think this is a worst fear for all of us, yes?” Stassi Schroeder revealed on Twitter, defending Kim after she had been mocked on social media by various people.

“Your worst fear is having your jewelry stolen? You’re far more shallow than I realized,” one person replied to Stassi, who was quick to reply with, “Umm. Having men break into your home when you think you’re safe and putting a gun to your head.”

Many people felt bad for Kardashian, who was clearly rattled by the event. She quickly decided to leave Paris behind, and Kanye West interrupted a concert in New York to be by her side. She was shaken up when she landed at home and Kanye flipped out when he learned that her security hadn’t been with her at the time of the robbery. And it sounds like some people truly feel bad for Kim and agree with Stassi Schroeder that it may be too early


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“That comment makes you look like an idiot. Gun to your head pretty sure means take everything just leave me alive,” one person wrote in defense of Stassi Schroeder to the person who called Stassi shallow, while another person wrote, “It’s scary for us average folks. However, something seems off. Where was her hired security that she ALWAYS has w/her?”

Of course, there are plenty of conspiracy theories surfacing on the internet about the incident. Some people believe that the entire robbery is a publicity stunt, as they feel it is very convenient that her bodyguard wasn’t with her. Maybe it had been a while she since was in the news with something, so some theories believe she staged everything.

Other people believe that Kanye was behind the robbery because he admitted to being millions of dollars in debt. Some people believe that he staged everything so he could sell her jewelry and get some money to pay off his own debt. Stassi Schroeder didn’t share her thoughts about any of these theories but revealed that she understands why Kim is rattled.

What do you think of Stassi Schroeder’s comment about Kim Kardashian? Do you think she’s right about it being too early to joke about the incident or do you think Schroeder has started a conversation among her fans about what really happened in Paris?

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