Could The Miami Dolphins Consider Signing Johnny Manziel?

The Miami Dolphins have not been happy with the play of starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and the time may have come for them to consider other options. At this point in the year, there simply aren’t many options, but there is one quarterback available that the Dolphins could consider signing.

Johnny Manziel’s four-game suspension is over, and he is eligible to return. Miami is without question in need of a new starting quarterback, although many won’t want to consider Manziel as an option. That being said, he is the best option available and could be worth looking into at the very least.

Even though Manziel didn’t work out in Cleveland, he did show signs of improvement between his rookie and sophomore seasons. Unfortunately, he was cut by the Browns and went into an off-the-field spiral full of alcohol and apparent drug usage.


During the 2015 season with the Browns, Manziel played in a total of nine games. He completed 57.8 percent of his pass attempts for 1,500 yards, seven touchdowns, and five interceptions. It was a huge step in the right direction for him, and excitement began to grow about him in Cleveland.

Manziel has always had the talent to be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL. His biggest issues have been off-the-field distractions and leadership. Those are things that a break from football could have helped him figure out.

At just 23-years-old, Manziel is still a work in progress. Even with that being said, the potential that he has makes a deal a potential jackpot for a team in need of quarterback help. Manziel won’t be able to command a large contract, which makes him a low-cost signing with a potentially high reward.


Miami cannot afford to be picky at this point in time. Tannehill has been allowed to stick around a bit too long and hasn’t shown any signs of progress. If the Dolphins want to get back into playoff contention, they will need to either magically unlock Tannehill’s full potential or bring in a different quarterback.

Charles Rahrig of FanSided opined that the Dolphins could be one team desperate enough to give Manziel a second chance in the NFL.

It certainly isn’t a sure thing, but at this point, the Dolphins need to take a gamble. They have been stuck in mediocrity for way too long with Tannehill under center. Bringing in Manziel to at least put pressure on the current starter wouldn’t be an awful idea.

Following his embarrassing tenure with the Browns, the hope around the league is that Manziel has learned his lesson. There is a chance that no team will be willing to touch him after all the issues that he has put himself through.

Other players who have struggled mightily with off-the-field issues have had a lot of trouble getting back into the league. Manziel may have enough talent to get a team to bite on his potential. Miami is one of the few teams that is in dire need of finding quarterback help, which could make them an ideal landing spot.


Whether Manziel is in shape and ready to return to an NFL field is another question. He has put his body through a lot away from the game, and there is no telling what kind of condition he is in. Some have gone so far as to say that he would die from his lifestyle if he didn’t stop in the next couple of years.

All of that being said, Miami should strongly consider looking around at other quarterback options. Manziel may not be a player who interests them at all, but it is certainly an intriguing option to think about with the struggles that Tannehill is having.

Do you think the Miami Dolphins should take a gamble and give Johnny Manziel a contract? Will Manziel ever work his way back into the NFL? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

[Featured Image by Ed Zurga/AP Images]