Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston’s Split Followed By A Reunion With Calvin Harris?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston parted ways last month after just weeks of dating and now, rumors are swirling about a possible reconciliation between Swift and her former boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

While Taylor Swift appears to be enjoying the single life with friends, including Gigi Hadid and Lilly Aldridge, fans are wondering who the singer will date next and according to a recent report, Swift’s next boyfriend may be a man from her past.

“Tom Hiddleston has been the talk of the town following reports that he and Priyanka Chopra are dating. Similarly, his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift allegedly rekindled her lost romance with Calvin Harris,” the Hall of Fame Magazine revealed to readers on October 5.

As the outlet explained, TMZ confirmed Taylor Swift and Harris were back in touch days prior. According to the report, Swift and Harris began texting one another shortly after they split to put their drama behind them. Although it is unclear who reached out to whom, the report said the former couple was hoping to bury the hatchet and renew their friendship.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, real name Adam Wiles, broke up this past spring and just weeks later, Swift stepped out with a new man, Tom Hiddleston, in Rhode Island. At the time, the new couple was seen holding onto one another as they walked on a beach near Swift’s home. While many believed Swift was moving too fast in her relationship with Hiddleston, that didn’t stop the singer from flaunting their romance all over the globe. In addition to visits to Nashville and Los Angeles, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were seen together in the U.K. (where they spent time with his mom), Italy, and Australia.

For a few months, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston appeared to be going strong, but then, as Hiddleston tended to his filming duties in Australia, Swift traveled between Los Angeles and New York City, where she was often seen with friends. A short time later, their split was made official.

While Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have yet to be seen together, rumors continue to swirl regarding the singers rekindling their romance, which reportedly ended after Harris lost interest.

“Adam really liked [Taylor Swift], she was not the type of girl he ever dates and he liked that. He liked how innocent Taylor was and that she had a good caring heart. Taylor’s heart was more in it then he was. He started to lose interest over the past few months, but really tried to not just break up,” a source explained to E! News.

Taylor Swift began dating Harris last February after their mutual friend, singer Ellie Goulding, introduced them to one another at the 2015 Brit Awards in England.

“[Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris] were just not very compatible in different areas in their relationship. The touring and traveling didn’t help. It seemed like they were more friends than lovers,” the source added.

As for what led to Taylor Swift’s split from Hiddleston, a source told E! News that Swift suspected Hiddleston might have been liking her high-profile life a bit too much.

“[Taylor Swift] felt he wanted to take the relationship to be too public,” a source close to the situation explained, “and she was not happy about it and thought it was too much publicity.”

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