‘Teen Mom’ Star Tyler Baltierra Done With Marriage? He Gives Catelynn An Ultimatum

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra missed his wife when she was in rehab, and he was hoping that she would return home a changed woman. Catelynn Baltierra was in rehab for anxiety and depression for about 30 days, and she was excited to be released so she could go back home to her husband and her daughter, Nova. But after just being home for a few weeks, Tyler could see the same signs that he picked up before she went away. She was eating huge meals, which would make her depressed, and she was back to smoking pot once again. And the previews for the upcoming episode reveals that Catelynn is just laying on the couch feeling sorry for herself.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra doesn’t have the patience to deal with a wife who doesn’t have any life ambition. Baltierra himself has been working on getting their new home ready for them to move in, but she hasn’t taken any steps to starting an education or pursuing a career. She’s just laying in bed or on the couch, so when she complains about being bored, Tyler Baltierra loses his cool.

“You know what? I am sick of hearing that,” Tyler tells his wife on the upcoming episode of Teen Mom after she reveals she’s bored to which she tells him to “quit it with the cockiness.”

“You know what Cate? You better figure something out soon,” he said. “What do you want to do? Come on, think hard. I hope you wouldn’t let yourself go back to the way you were,” Tyler Baltierra tells his wife shortly after she returned home from rehab, adding, “I’m not talking about panic attacks!”

It sounds like Tyler Baltierra could handle dealing with the panic attacks and help her when she isn’t feeling 100%. But he thinks that she could do more with her life rather than just lay on the couch at home while he’s out pursuing what he wants to do. When they were younger, Catelynn used to talk about going to college and getting a degree. Now, Tyler feels that her issues have taken over, and she isn’t doing much to make herself feel better.


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“Walking through life like a log. It’s more of a fear of even saying it out loud. I can’t do this forever, there is no way, not like this. I guess that would be a way of losing you if that ever happened,” Tyler continues, giving his wife an ultimatum about their marriage, adding, “Listen, if you go into this thing again I got to check out. I’ll get hardened. I’ll close everyone off. It’s safe that way.”

Of course, Baltierra may not choose the right words to voice his frustrations. He has previously hinted that he thinks his wife eats too much, and he also commented on the portion size of his wife’s dinner on this week’s episode. Tyler is after his wife a lot considering she may be dealing with some issues he may not fully understand. And it sounds like Catelynn thinks that she can do nothing wrong.

“I feel like my mental illness ruins everything!” Catelynn then cries.

On Twitter, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn have been sharing updates with fans, saying that they are sticking it out, and they are staying together despite the hurdles. It sounds like Catelynn may have taken her husband’s ultimatum seriously and started working on herself. And maybe she’s doing more than just laying on the couch feeling sorry for herself.

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra’s way of handling her depression? Do you think he has a point or do you think he needs to be more sensitive to her situation?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]