When Will ‘iZombie’ Season 3 Premiere On The CW? Do We Have To Wait Until January 2017?

While most of the CW shows are returning over the next couple of weeks, iZombie fans have noticed that Season 3 of the show has been missed out. Is it true that iZombie Season 3 won’t premiere until January 2017?

The sad news is that the CW chose to push the premiere date to 2017. While the network says that this is to strengthen the midseason programming, there is no denying the fact that the show has lost viewers. According to PremiereDate.TV, iZombie Season 2 saw a 22 percent decline from Season 1 and there were worries that it would lead to cancellation.


The show has survived another year, but there are worries that it won’t make it to the fourth season. It will depend on how well it does with the midseason slot, especially compared to the likes of The Originals and The 100, which also both have January 2017 starts.

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For fans of the show, there are already spoilers for iZombie Season 3. Showrunner Rob Thomas says that Liv will be luckier in love this season. She has had two boyfriends die so far but will have one who survives this year. While that doesn’t mean she will remain in love and with this guy, she at least won’t need to deal with the devastation that comes with losing a boyfriend to the other side. Thomas suggests that the relationship will eventually end, but hasn’t shared just how that will happen.

The Zombie Army is also growing to a credible size this season. It will get to the point where Liv is offered a place within the army. Will her boyfriend also be a zombie and be offered a place in the army? Is this the event that will end up breaking them up, as he joins the dark side? Maybe Liv will join it as she decides that she is finally a zombie and not still a member of the living.


Another spoiler is that Liv will eat the brain of a dominatrix. This will lead to many of the consequences you would expect to happen with this decision. Could this cause some problems for her and her boyfriend? Spoilers do indicate that she will temporarily become a dominatrix during the season.

There are currently rumors that Fear the Walking Dead and iZombie will have a crossover at some point. That is extremely unlikely and the rumors started from a Twitter exchange between Fear’s Mercedes Mason, iZombie’s Robert Buckley, and a fan.

The fan said that she wanted Buckley to join Fear as Mason’s character Ofelia’s boyfriend. Mason was up for the addition, saying that she and Buckley would love to act together because they get along so well together. That was when Buckley joined in to say that he was more than happy with this idea, joking about his limited acting ability to only play zombies. Of course, One Tree Hill fans know that he can play sport managers too.

Nothing will likely come of this yet. In fact, there’s no confirmation yet that Fear the Walking Dead will continue for another year. For now, Buckley is in iZombie Season 3.


So far, there isn’t a confirmed date, but the good news is that Season 2 is now on Netflix. That will likely come out around November or December time, as the CW works out its official midseason programming. We’ll keep you updated with the iZombie Season 3 premiere date on the CW.

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