Rosie O’Donnell On Twitter: Meeting Ivanka Trump At Nobu 57 Is A True Story — No Tweets From Donald About Rosie-Ivanka Meetup [Video]

Rosie O’Donnell made an enemy out of Donald Trump ever since the day on The View when she flipped her hair to one side and mocked Trump for holding a press conference and offering redemption. O’Donnell joked that Trump should not be the moral compass for Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, whom Trump decided to give a second chance after reports surfaced about Tara’s alleged cocaine use, as reported by the New York Daily News. That’s why Rosie’s latest tweet about running into Ivanka Trump at Nobu 57 in New York is so poignant.

As seen on , O’Donnell wrote about running into Ivanka and having a conversation with Trump. While Rosie didn’t spill the details about her conversation with Ivanka, O’Donnell did write that Ivanka listened to Rosie from a mother’s perspective.

in a city of 8 million – we meet face 2 face – i thank u 4 listening – mother 2 mother – on this new years week – my best 2 u.”

According to ABC 7, Rosie and Ivanka saw one another at Nobu 57. Trump and O’Donnell were both at the tony restaurant, as Rosie confirmed to Bill Ritter, an anchor for Eyewitness News, at around 9 p.m. in the evening. Whether O’Donnell and Ivanka chatted about the day Rosie called Donald a “snake-oil salesman” isn’t known, but clues can be gleaned from O’Donnell’s tweet as to what Rosie might have said to Ivanka at Nobu.


Perhaps O’Donnell brought up her dismay to Ivanka at her father calling women like O’Donnell “fat pigs” and other derogatory words that have been brought back to life in plenty of campaign videos. As seen in the following video from the Hillary Clinton campaign, women and young girls can be seen looking at themselves in mirrors as a voiceover of Trump plays, wherein Donald speaks of flat-chested women as ones who have a very hard time being a “10,” along with insults about looking O’Donnell in “that fat ugly face of hers,” reports the New York Times.

With O’Donnell mentioning in her popular tweet that Ivanka and Rosie talked as one mother to another, O’Donnell seems to be hinting at the fact that Rosie might have mentioned to Ivanka how she could condone, as a mother herself, Donald’s harsh words against women. Ivanka can be seen in the ads in support of Trump, speaking of her own role as a mother.

Meanwhile, the impromptu meeting between Trump and O’Donnell is gaining buzz.

As reported by Newser, Rosie dubbed Donald an “orange anus” because of the things Trump said about her during the most recent presidential debate.

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Apparently, O’Donnell has had better luck in her chat with Ivanka.

Thus far, Donald has not commented on Twitter about Rosie’s meeting with Ivanka.


Reactions from Twitter to Ivanka bumping into Rosie at Nobu — after Ivanka supported her dad as a 25-year-old in 2006 when Trump and Rosie began their war of words — are varied. Read a sampling of the comments from Twitter below.


Meanwhile, people want to know more about Rosie’s conversation with Ivanka.

Were you in NYC for the Parade of Boats? Why were you at NOBU 57 at 9pm? It’s a small small world after all, it’s a small small world.”

any info on what Ivanka said? Can u Periscope now and discuss?”

, love this! Good for you, Rosie! And Ivanka!”

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“You’re a class act, Ro. Props for keeping it high, but DJT will never, ever earn my respect.”

You are amazing. Fan [of] your talent, joyful spirit, immense generosity you share to the world. is lucky for your audience.”

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