Alberto Del Rio Stabbing: Journalists Cast Major Doubt On Incident [Updated]

What’s the real score on the Alberto Del Rio stabbing incident? According to the wrestler himself, who now works as Alberto el Patron, the incident was a legit case of road rage, where a misunderstanding in traffic led to the former WWE Superstar getting stabbed. But one of the more reliable names in wrestling journalism isn’t sure whether the stabbing is real or not, and he said as much in a podcast interview with former WCW, WWE, and TNA on-air authority figure Eric Bischoff.

According to previous statements from Alberto Del Rio, the stabbing took place Saturday when Del Rio had a confrontation with another driver who hit his vehicle while he was on his way to the airport in San Antonio. A previous report from The Inquisitr details how both Del Rio and the other driver argued outside their vehicles, and how the wrestler chose not to argue any further when the other man pulled out a knife. As Del Rio was preparing to reenter his car and drive to the airport, the man jumped him from behind and stabbed at the veteran wrestler, injuring his arm.

Despite Del Rio/el Patron’s insistence on catching his flight to Mexico so he could attend AAA’s Heroes Inmortales X event as promised, bystanders reportedly encouraged him to go to the hospital to get his wounds treated. This caused Alberto to miss the show and initially prompted an angry rebuke from AAA claiming he had “failed” his home country’s fans.

Del Rio, as it seems, is in good condition and is in good terms with AAA now that they know the story. But is the story as “real” is it seems? Pro Wrestling Sheet editor-in-chief Ryan Satin isn’t quite sure, and that was the key talking point in his recent appearance on the most recent episode of Bischoff on Wrestling.


Satin cited a report from MLW Radio, which is “very tight” with Del Rio, claiming that the wrestler filed a police report in San Antonio, and that people had witnessed the incident. But after doing some detective work on his own, which included “begging” San Antonio police officials for details, Satin discovered that nobody had filed a similar report to Del Rio’s over the weekend.


WrestleZone published excerpts from Satin’s appearance on Bischoff’s show, and while he obviously has his doubts on the legitimacy of Alberto Del Rio’s stabbing story, he added that he needs more information on the alleged incident to verify whether it happened or not:

“Obviously I don’t have the answer yet but it’s things like this where I feel like all the other wrestling websites are content with just putting it up like, ‘OK, it’s fine, it’s done.’ I want to know what happened. I want to know the truth of what’s going on. I just feel like something doesn’t quite add up here.”

Responding to Satin’s comments, Bischoff expressed similar skepticism, suggesting that Del Rio’s official statement on the stabbing seemed to skimp on information and didn’t even mention the city where the incident had supposedly occurred. He added that the photos Alberto had posted were “a little interesting,” to which Satin agreed to.

According to Satin, it would be unusual for a stabbing victim to have five straight cuts lined up on their arm, though he wouldn’t know for sure as he’s “not a doctor and (has) never been in a knife fight.”

Adding a further cloud of doubt to the Alberto Del Rio stabbing story is a newer report that suggests his girlfriend Paige was involved in the fracas.

“The fact that Paige was also involved in this incident has raised questions about why Del Rio was not able to contact Triple A following the incident,” wrote WrestleZone‘s Nick Hausman on Thursday, citing veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer as his source. “While he claims to have lost his phone in the melee, his girlfriend Paige could have easily used her own phone to begin the process of reaching out to Triple A.”

Given what we’ve heard from Satin, Bischoff, and Meltzer, one has to wonder if the Alberto Del Rio stabbing claim is actually an elaborate ruse designed to gain sympathy from AAA and Mexican fans. We’re hoping it isn’t, as the man, despite having a reputation as a difficult person to deal with backstage, is still one of the most talented wrestlers on the planet, and an asset to any wrestling company he works for.

***Update 10:39 a.m. ET: Includes new information from WrestleZone regarding WWE wrestler Paige’s alleged involvement.

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