Lady Gaga’s New Track: Fans Have ‘Million Reasons’ To Rejoice

Lady Gaga unveiled three new tracks from her upcoming album, Joanne. The pop star and actress premiered the song live at the first stop of her her Dive Bar Tour in Nashville, Tennessee. With the latest release of Lady Gaga’s track, fans definitely have a million reasons to rejoice.


Lady Gaga opened with the new track “Sinner’s Prayer” which was a traditional country track. The second new track performed by her was a distinctly bluesier “A-Yo.” Gaga finally unveiled the last new track of the night “Million Reasons.”

Lady Gaga’s new track “Million Reasons” was the second song from her album Joanne to make an official online debut. Gaga introduced the new track by saying, “All these men – my dad, my boyfriends, all the men in my life – they give me a million reasons, but I just need one good one to stick around.”


Gaga’s new track features heartfelt lyrics and verses that reference the end of a relationship.”You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go / You’re giving me a million reasons to quit the show / You’re giving me a million reasons / Give me a million reasons / Giving me a million reasons / About a million reasons,” Gaga sang with fans in a chorus.

Gaga had posted the lyrics of the new track “Million Reasons” on Twitter and Instagram before the show so that fans could sing along. She premiered the new track in full for the first time and it was also live streamed on Bud Light’s Facebook page on Wednesday evening.


Lady Gaga’s new album is a country song with a mix of funk and rock ‘n’ roll. She described it as something that felt right and will have an impact on the listeners. It seems the song will have an instant connection with the fans.

“Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Girl Crush,” writer Hillary Lindsey has co-authored the new song with Lady Gaga. It was surprising that Gaga had teamed up with Lindsey considering most of the collaborators of Joanne are from the indie world.

Gaga closed the evening with her first Joanne single, “Perfect Illusion.” It is an electro-rock song that is thought to have been inspired by David Bowie. The fantastic song is a result of collaboration between her, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Mark Ronson, BloodPop, and Josh Homme.

“It’s the one that heirs from [David] Bowie and Marc Bolan [of T Rex] and then maybe from some obscure London metal stuff, the Beatles. It also kind of airs from the electroclash movement from New York and that’s kind of when I started coming up, was right after that,” said, Gaga, as reported in Yahoo.


Gaga has also said in a statement that by performing these songs at bars, she gets to look the fans in the eye and have a more natural human experience. Gaga’s dive bar tours are a unique way of promoting her new album Joanne to her fans.

According to Gaga, the tour will reflect the raw Americana feel. Bud Light has sponsored Gaga’s dive bar tour and it will also stream all the performances live on its Facebook page. She will perform two more shows on October 20 and 27 at a yet undisclosed location.

Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne will be her first album since ArtPop in 2013. Joanne is named after Gaga’s aunt who died from Lupus at the age of 19. The death of her aunt was very tragic and had impacted her family in a huge way. Since Gaga is returning home away from the limelight, we can expect more such soulful songs.

Lady Gaga has scored 17 Top 40 hits, of which 11 went Top 10, with four of those going to No. 1. Joanne will release on October 21. Lady Gaga’s new album will also be available for preorder on October 6.


[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]