Niall Horan: One Direction Stars Awkward Moments Show He Isn’t Totally ‘Drama Free’

Many One Direction fans see Niall Horan as the band member least likely to be the subject of drama. Hardly a day passes without Horan’s One Direction bandmates being the subject of some drama or other, but Niall seems to glide through life leaving trouble in his rearview mirror. Of course Horan has proved that he is capable of springing a surprise. Just last week Niall became the first of the current One Direction members to drop an official piece of solo music.

The internet went crazy after Niall chose to drop news of the track “This Town” on social media. As you can imagine, One Direction fans in their millions went to streaming services to check out Niall’s new tune. The song has already chalked up over six-million views on YouTube and has topped the iTunes chart all over the world.

Let’s be realistic, new music from One Direction or any of its members is always going to be big news. As a result of Niall releasing his music without any pre-release hype, news organizations were clamoring to bag an interview with the 23-year-old star.

According to the Independent Niall’s first awkward moment came when Horan appeared on a phone-in for Australian radio talk show Kyle and Jackie O. A One Direction fan from Canada called the show and spoke to Niall in a rather quiet and subdued manner. The caller revealed that she was containing her excitement because she was in school. Radio show host Kyle suggested that the caller tell the whole school that she was “on the phone with Niall, they’ll totally lose their minds.”


At that point the caller, named Eve, provided Niall’s awkward moment when she stated that “I’m sorry but I live in Canada, no one really cares about it anymore.” Niall responded with an embarrassed giggle before Kyle told Eve,”what do you mean people don’t care, freaking Niall’s on the phone!”

A starstruck Eve responded by saying “I know, people suck, but it’s not my fault.” It isn’t clear whether Eve meant to say that “no one cares about One Direction any more,” or if she was trying to say that Canadian people are so laid back that talking to a superstar doesn’t impress them… much.

According to the Sun, Horan’s second comedy moment came when he was answering question on a live Twitter feed. A One Direction fan asked Horan what he missed most about touring. It seems that Niall mentioned just about everyone on the tour crew but forgot to mention his bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson.

“What do I miss most about touring? Probably just the travelling around on the bus and the planes and, I like the travelling side of it.

“I like having everyone around every day – you know the immediate crew we travelled with, the touring crew, all the carpenters and lightening riggers and all that, I miss that side of it.

“I miss being around people a lot.”

Sadly, the Sun used the fact that Horan didn’t mention his bandmates to claim that Niall had “snubbed” One Direction. They go on to claim that “Niall’s apparent snub isn’t unusual,” given he admitted he didn’t play his former bandmates the track before he released it. Horan apparently told Greg James that he “presumes” the boys have heard “This Town” on the radio.

“They knew it was coming but I didn’t have a final version to play them when I saw them last.

“I just said ‘I’m bringing out a tune, I hope it’s all ok, I’m a bit nervous – see you soon.'”

Of course Niall will have had no intention of snubbing his bandmates. Horan has spent five-years as a member of One Direction. Like all of the boys, Niall will be used to answering questions in a fashion that assumes a collective voice. When Horan answers a question, it’s safe to assume he speaks for One Direction when asked questions that pertain to One Direction.

It has been an odd week for Niall Horan. It began with Niall surprising everyone with a new tune, and just seven days later it ends with Niall being accused of snubbing One Direction. Niall may just be thinking that life as a member of One Direction is very odd indeed.

[Featured image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]