July 29, 2017
'Little People, Big World' Star Audrey Roloff Vents About Fight With Jeremy

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are known for promoting happy, healthy marriages. The couple, who have been married for nearly three years and are expecting their first child in August, run a blog called Beating 50 Percent, which offers marriage advice with a Christian slant. Normally, the couple posts about their profound devotion to each other on social media. However, in an Instagram post on Friday, July 28, Audrey admitted that things aren't always perfect between her and Jeremy.

"The never [ending] journey of becoming one isn't always easy," the 26-year-old mom-to-be began. "We come from different backgrounds, upbringings, parenting, spending habits, theologies, so we are bound to have conflict. It's not a matter of if we will fight, but when and how."

Audrey then went on to tell Little People, Big World fans that on Thursday, she and Jeremy had a disagreement that proved they needed a refresher course in the rules of a "fair fight" and "how to handle conflict with parameters that are healthy and productive, rather than harmful and destructive."

Audrey also confessed that she let her "anger and bitterness" fester after the fight, which was "bad sportsmanship."

She then pointed readers to a guest post on Beating 50 Percent that touted the value of praying for your spouse and seeing them "with God's eyes." It also advised couples to push for more wisdom, insight, and perspective when having disagreements in their relationships.

Most Little People, Big World fans know that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are very religious and support the idea of "covenant marriages," which according to CovenantMarriages.com is "a lifelong fruitful relationship between a man and a woman" and advocates "unconditional love, reconciliation, and sexual purity."

On her social media accounts, Audrey often promotes her "Always More" clothing line and devotional shop, which encourages younger couples to always give more than 50 percent to their relationships.

On Little People, Big World, there has been friction between Jeremy and Audrey and the family patriarch and matriarch, Matt and Amy Roloff, over their divorce after more than 25 years of marriage. However, as Inquisitr previously reported, Auj and Jer recently moved back to the Portland area to be near Matt and Amy before the birth of their daughter, who is due on Aug. 31.

The couple also recently posted some beautiful maternity photos ahead of the baby's arrival, which included the prayer Audrey says for her daughter each day.

Little People, Big World fans, do you follow Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's marriage blog? What do you think about Audrey sharing details about her fight with Jeremy?

Little People, Big World returns to TLC in September.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]