Kate Middleton Terrified Over Possible Leak Of Private Photos And ‘Jokes About Royal Family Members’

The Duchess of Cambridge is believed to be terrified following the hacking of her sister’s iCloud account. Prince William’s wife, still called by many as Kate Middleton, is allegedly worried that the hacker might also reveal the emails and texts she shared with Pippa Middleton.

“Her mind is racing about what she’s said in them and what personal pictures she might have sent Pippa. She’s spent years building the trust of the royal family, and this could ruin it all,” claimed an insider to Life & Style.

Although the conversations were candid, they could potentially divulge things about the royal family that the public shouldn’t know. The source said that Kate and Pippa “have made jokes about family members, including the Queen,” and when taken out of context, the harmless quips could “look very bad.”

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After the hacking of Pippa’s account, Kate’s sister opted to take civil court action to ban the potential publication of the private photos. BBC News reports that as per Barrister Adam Wolanski, his client believes a “genuine hack” had occurred.

Wolanski is the one leading Pippa’s legal team. He called the hacking a “flagrant” and “criminal” act, which the bride-to-be finds upsetting. The Sun previously claimed that it had been contacted by someone asking for £50,000 (about $65,000) in exchange of the rare shots.

The one selling the photos used WhatsApp to contact the news outlet. The seller, who apparently used a pseudonym, reached out to the Daily Mail too. The seller declared that whoever had the highest bid would get the photos. Neither of the two newspapers grabbed the offer.

Apart from photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the stash reportedly includes photos of Pippa’s wedding dress fitting as well as her fiance’s naked images. The hacked photos were described by the seller as “wedding dresses, parties, the royal family, and pretty much everything in between.”

“Due to current climate on privacy laws in the UK, I’m intending a quick US sale but would at least give you a heads-up,” the seller explained. “This is obviously a vast source of info and pictures that I neither want nor intend to keep in my possession very long.”

It has been reported that Pippa’s plundered iCloud account had more than 3,000 photos. She is set to tie the knot with hedge fund manager James Matthews after getting engaged in July. He remains mum about the incident.

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Website designer Nathan Wyatt of Northamptonshire was arrested and released on bail after the incident. The 35-year-old is suspected to have committed a Computer Misuse Act offense.

Pippa is the latest celebrity victimized by hackers. In 2014, more than a hundred celebrities got involved in a massive hacking scandal, which was dubbed “Celebgate.” Nude photos of several celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, were posted on websites like Reddit.

Recently, self-described computer geek Edward Majercyzk pleaded guilty to the hacking. He claimed he learned the phishing scheme from another expert. Majercyzk maintained he had no intention to sell the photos, as he obtained them for his “personal satisfaction and enjoyment.”

His strategy is to send emails disguised as notes from internet service providers. These emails ask the users to type in their usernames and passwords. Many fall victim to the scheme thinking that the emails are legitimate.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence talked about the traumatic breach of her privacy.

“I was just so afraid. I didn’t know how this would affect my career. Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this. It does not mean that it comes with the territory.”

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are putting on a calm facade after the hacking of Pippa’s iCloud account. They have just finished their eight-day Canadian tour, which was mainly devoted to increasing the awareness for the country’s indigenous communities.

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