Jaden And Will Smith Dead? Another Smith Family Death Hoax Has Gone Viral [Video]

Jaden Smith has been caught up in suicide rumors for months, and now it appears that Internet conspirators are also targeting his famous father, Will Smith, in the latest round of this summer’s death hoaxes. Since the beginning of the summer, Jaden Smith has been targeted by insidious talk that he has taken his own life, with the rumors becoming more and more detailed and devastating as time has gone by.

Initially, it was reported that the famous teenage son of Will Smith, now 18-years-old, committed suicide because his heart had been broken by his rumored-to-be-cheating girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. Then, a Jaden Smith “suicide video” began making the rounds online. The entire situation was made worse by a sophisticated Facebook app that targeted Jaden Smith’s fans with a link that said the actor/model/singer/activist had killed himself. When concerned social media mavens clicked on the link, they were asked by the app for permission to post on their timeline. Within minutes, their Facebook friends and family saw the headline that Will Smith’s son had taken his own life on their newsfeeds.

And on and on it went.

While the rumors of Jaden Smith’s untimely death continued to snowball throughout social media and to and from the depths of the Internet, Jaden himself was often seen out and about, making public appearances and also posting on his own social media pages. Still, the rumors of his death have dogged his last few months, getting so bad that his family reportedly received condolences from grieving friends and loved ones.

Just last week, the rumors that Jaden Smith had killed himself began to flourish once more. This time, they were tied to a secondary rumor that Jaden’s popular Netflix show, The Get Down, had been canceled. Purportedly, because of the young actor’s untimely and heartbreaking death.


Fortunately for Jaden Smith and his famous family, the show’s creator Baz Luhrmann quickly shot down the latest round of suicide talk, coming to his young star’s defense and confirming that not only was Jaden not dead, The Get Down hadn’t been canceled, either.


In fact, as the rumors of Jaden Smith’s death began to pick up steam for the latest (but probably not last) time, Luhrmann said that the teen had actually been shooting scenes for his role in the series.

“It’s funny, those rumors, because I’m shooting (season) two today, we’re shooting it right now.”

With the most recent Jaden Smith suicide rumors now having been properly debunked, it appears the rumor mill has turned its attention to Jaden’s superstar dad, Will Smith. Just days after it was proven, once again, that Jaden Smith is alive and kicking and even working, a report surfaced that Will Smith had died in a tragic car accident.

As The Gamer’s Drop reports, the tale of Will Smith’s death was full of details, highly specific details that made the devastating “news” that Will Smith had died all the more believable. According to the report, Will Smith was involved in a fatal car crash in Melrose, Massachusetts. Some of the details of the actor’s fictitious death included that the accident involved multiple cars, landscaping equipment, a trailer, a woman, and her two children.

Reportedly, the woman and her children survived but another passenger, rumored to be Will Smith, didn’t make it.


Will Smith’s body was reportedly found at the scene.

The only problem? The entire story appeared to be nothing more than a well-constructed rumor. Despite the details, the news of Will Smith’s death came with the disclaimer that “nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Pretty suspicious.

Especially considering how quickly the news of a celebrity’s death seems to travel in the age of information and social media. Even when the news is untrue. If Will Smith had really died in a car accident in a random Massachusetts town, the story would have been everywhere in a virtual instant.

Even though Jaden Smith has been targeted by death hoaxes for weeks and now months, he hasn’t publicly addressed the talk. Neither has his famous pop, Will. However, some reports have indicated that Jaden Smith thinks that the persistent suicide rumors are a “badge of honor.”

Once again, and seemingly a little bit more famous for all the talk, Jaden Smith and his famous dad Will have apparently weathered the storm of circulating Internet death rumors.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]