Kim Kardashian Bodyguard The Mastermind Behind The Paris Robbery?

Kim Kardashian Paris robbery suspects are yet to be apprehended, although investigation continues with some reports saying that the faces of the robbers may have been caught on camera. However, fresh reports that Kardashian’s lead bodyguard Pascal Duvier only recently filed for bankruptcy has raised questions about whether he was the mastermind of Kardashian’s raid in Paris.

Talks of possible involvement of Duvier in the robbery have been heightened by a popular claim that the fashion in which the raid happened suggest it may have been an inside job. Was Duvier the insider who plotted the attack on his boss?

Duvier bankruptcy filing precedes Kim Kardashian Paris robbery

Only 10 weeks before the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery happened, Duvier had file for company bankruptcy. According to Hollywood Life, documents show that Duvier’s celebrity security firm ProtectSecurity is unable to pay $1.2 million in debt. So, the speculation is that Duvier may have plotted the attack on Kardashian to enable him to raise the money to pay off the company debt.

Unknown five gunmen raided Kardashian’s apartment at a prestigious Paris hotel and took off with her engagement ring and jewelry worth $11 million.

Duvier’s ProtectSecurity firm provides bodyguard services for celebrities, but the $1.2 million financial hole that the firm has sunken into suggests that the business hasn’t been great for Duvier lately.

After Kim Kardashian Paris robbery incident, Duvier deletes Kim photos

The other development fueling speculations that the relationship between Duvier and the Kardashian family could be turning rocky in the wake of the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery attack is highlighted by his recent move to delete traces of Kardashian from his social media.

Duvier’s social media cleanup saw him remove all mentions and photos of his boss Kardashian, according to TMZ. Immediately after it was discovered that Duvier had taken down all references to Kardashian from his social media, speculations heightened that Kardashian and her husband Kanye West may have relieved Pascal Duvier of his duties as the family bodyguard.

husband Kanye West
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West, who was in New York for a performance when he received the news of the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery, is said to be angry and deeply disappointed by the incident and is working to boost the security of his family. However, sources close to the family say that West is unlikely to drop Duvier in the security shakeup.

Duvier was not around when the gunmen raided Kardashian’s room as he had been away that night guarding Kardashian’s sisters Kourtney and Kendall, which is not a strange thing because he guards those who West values, including the sisters-in-law in this case. During the raid on her Paris hotel apartment, Kardashian was bound, gagged, and bundled into the bathtub. She freed herself after the attackers left and raised the alarm.

A trusted watchman

Despite the rumors that Duvier’s broke company may have caused him to plan an attack on Kardashian to raise the money to pay off debt, sources say that Duvier is a trusted bodyguard of West’s family. He has been protecting the family for a few years now and he is described as being highly professional and diligent in discharging his duties.

As such, even Duvier’s move to delete traces of Kardashian from his social media is said by sources as being informed by the need to tighten security around the celebrity family. For instance, it is thought that deleting Kardashian’s references would prevent crooks from linking Duvier to the whereabouts of the family he guards.

Kim Kardashian Paris robbery
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Perhaps that claim can be given credence by some earlier reports that hinted that West is considering engaging a lookalike couple more deeply to heighten the security of his family. West has maintained a lookalike couple on a retainer and is said to be considering putting them on the payroll as part of the measures to beef up security of his family following the devastating Kim Kardashian Paris robbery attack.

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